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A Hustlers Bible

Gayton McKenzie has become a successful businessman and powerful speaker, in spite of his criminal record. Find out how he went from nothing to a billion in just 10 years.
Gayton McKenzie

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Gayton McKenzie has become a successful businessman and powerful speaker, in spite of his criminal record. Find out how he went from nothing to a billion in just 10 years.

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A Hustler’s Bible by Gayton McKenzie is the ultimate South African ‘rags to riches’ story. McKenzie is telling his story as part of his mission to fight the rising level of crime in South Africa. To do this, he and fellow ex-convict Kenny Kunene joined forces and changed their lives, ignoring sceptics who said people don’t change. To date the duo has built up a multi-million rand business empire with a hand in everything from entertainment to publishing, and even mining.

After serving a 7-year sentence, Gayton McKenzie left the prison system with R12 in his pocket and a criminal record, like most former convicts. He soon realised job opportunities come few and far between. He had to take a different route to achieve his dreams. A Hustler’s Bible: Words to Hustle By chronicles McKenzie’s journey from inmate to one the highest paid and most sought after corporate speakers in Africa. He shares the (sometimes difficult) lessons he has learnt while on his journey to remind you that you aren’t defined by your circumstances. With determination and work, it is possible to change your situation.

This inspirational book is Gayton McKenzie’s second, the first being has written this inspirational book primarily for people who want to get into business but who haven’t necessarily been exposed to the business environment. McKenzie gives insight into the workings of business – everything from making deals to the protocol around lunch meetings. A Hustler’s Bible covers the highs of business, like Gayton and Kenny striking a deal that saw them enter the mining industry. It also looks at the difficult years immediately after the duo left prison and at the business deals that went sour. Buy A Hustler’s Bible, and gain access into a wealth of practical knowledge from someone who founded an empire from nothing.

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Gayton McKenzie
ZAR Empire Holdings
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Ten years ago, in 2003, Gayton McKenzie was released from maximum-security prison in Bloemfontein after a long jail term. Like most ex-convicts he had no money and very big dreams. Unlike most ex-convicts he went on to become South Africa’s most highly paid motivational speaker, a bestselling coauthor of an autobiography, a successful businessman and a mining consultant earning millions. He did this despite only having a matric and a violent criminal record. To many, what he achieved should have been impossible.

But hustlers succeed not because of anything. They succeed despite everything.

The McKenzie story is unique, but there are so many universal truths behind it that a book like this will speak to anyone who has ever been serious about following a seemingly impossible dream.

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Excellent read, link attached

Very different to the usual success literature and filled with useful practical advice. Full review here:


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