He Came to Set the Captives Free

Rebecca Brown

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Rebecca Brown
Whitaker House
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Riveting stuff. Some new view points but mostly I concur with her observations having personal experience on the subject. Unfortunately most people will nullify her testimonies while dying a slow everlasting death. Can't blame them, I would probably have done the same prior to digging deeper and gaining personal experiences through His Grace.

A disturbing piece of fiction

This book has everything you could ask for in a supernatural thriller - a sinister worldwide conspiracy, vampires, werewolves, satanists with superpowers and epic fights between angels and demons. Here is the thing though, it claims to be factual. That fact alone makes it less a supernatural thriller than a disturbing window into a psychotic breakdown. You don't have to take my word for it but please at least go look up Rebecca Brown on Wikipedia. She is not a well woman and the mentally ill young woman this book was based on almost died in her care.

Eye opener

Rebecca explained ancient truths and values which are many times over looked within the Bible and most of all in our self made Christian rule book I really love it. Good read

No respect.

If want a book that bashes Wicca to oblvion and back, by all means read this book. Not only does Rebecca Brown rip apart other peoples' religions, she totally shreds apart the ideas and concepts of which other religions are based upon. Bottom line--- this book is written by an over zealous Christian who has no respect for other people's beliefs and the like. She gives true Christians a bad name! May God judge you one day in the same light you unfairly judged others.


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