Head First Object-Oriented Analysis and Design

David West Brett McLaughlin Gary Pollice

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David West, Brett McLaughlin, Gary Pollice
A Brain Friendly Guide to OOA&D
O'Reilly Media
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Head First
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stupid book suitable only for stupid people.

i have read the review on amazon for this book. 177 people gave good reviews and only a few gave bad reviews. against my better judgement i decided to trust the majority. how sorry am i about it. this book is silly. it contains these silly catoons so you have to hunt amongst it for usefull information. dont get me wrong. it does contain info but because of the cartoons and silly pictures you will read ten pages to get what should have been written on one page only. that is why i give 2 points instead of one. there is usefull info in this book it is just hidden amongst silly idiocity. now i do understand that some people cant read good technical books which gives solid information and for them the for dummies books are just fine. but trust me on this. such people have no business being in the software development industry. much less be involved in either analysis or design. if you really need this book, instead of something more technical and to the point with solid explanation of analysis and design, to learn design then you are in the wrong field of work. the only good thing about me buying this book is that my boss paid for it. but even there i have some cause for regret. i selected this book, along with uml 2.0 in a nutshell()good book but only reference), from a list of four books and now i dont know when i can get my boss to buy another book on software design.


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