Heart of the Hunter

Presents a thriller.
Deon Meyer

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Presents a thriller.

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When Johnny K is kidnapped and held to ransom, his daughter turns to the only man she knows can help her - his old friend - Tiny. The kidnappers want a disk from her safe that contains extremely sensitive data, and she has seventy-two hours in which to deliver, or her father will die. But there are those watching Tiny's every move, monitoring, waiting for him trip up and lead them to what they want. Two warring factions with innocents caught in the middle It is only a matter of time...

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Deon Meyer
New English Library Ltd
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I finally read a Deon Meyer thriller

I had to travel to Paris to land up with a Deon Meyer novel, even if it was an English translation. I read an interview with him a while ago and thought that I ought to read one of his books, but have never been able to bring myself to spend money on a spy-thriller. My friend Ivan in Paris was motivated by nostalgia to take this step. And he gave me ‘The heart of the hunter’ to read because these was a part of the plot that he couldnt figure out. So I read the thing while holed up in Chad for a week. Heart of the hunter is good page-turning bubble-gum with a thin but passable plot. But every now and again Meyer would produce a gem of insight into human nature. Try the following two quotes: “The realization that people were an unreliable, dishonest, self-centered, self-absorbed, backstabbing, violent, sly species that lies, cheats, murders, rapes and steals, regardless of status, nationality or colour. It was a gradual but often traumatic process for someone who wished only to see good and beauty.” ”Alison the onlooker. She was always good at that, looking on from outside, being part of a group but in her head being apart. She had worried about it… and the best conclusion she had come to was that that was how the gears and springs and levers of her brain were put together, a strange and accidental product, but no-one’s fault… the itch of it was a gnawing voice of conscience that it was a form of fraud, to pretend that you were part of something when you did not fit in. You knew that you did not belong there.” Very nice. And this from an almost marginal piece of cast of the novel. Ok, so I dont think I am about to rush out and buy another Meyer racer. But in a strange way I am proud that he is one of our. Read more reviews at: http://thoughtsintime.co.za/


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