New Learning Revolution

An analysis on the developments in education, schooling and teaching.


A masterpiece Sir Christopher Ball in his new foreword

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An analysis on the developments in education, schooling and teaching.


A masterpiece Sir Christopher Ball in his new foreword

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This is the definitive book about the biggest changes in education, schooling and teaching since the school classroom was invented almost 300 years ago. The vision and power of the original Learning Revolution remains, but the authors now address current developments such as: how instant information and interactive technology are finally forcing a complete rethink of everything we've ever believed about education; how new interlocking networks are creating dramatic new models for learning; and how new teaching methods are revolutionizing schooling in pockets around the world. Dryden, the award-winning television and radio talk show host, is just completing a series of television programmes on new methods of learning and Vos is putting the finishing touches to a seven-year doctoral research project into the same subject. The combined power of these two dynamic authors is highly compelling!

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A Complete 21st-century Update of the World's Biggest-selling Non-fiction Book
Bloomsbury Acad Cons
3rd edition
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Jeannette Vos is a Netherlands-born, Canadian-raised American doctor of education. She received her doctorate from Northern Arizona University after seven years' research in accelerative and integrative learning and teaching. She is founding President of The Learning Revolution International, and one of the founding members of the National Institute for Teaching Excellence at Cambridge College in Boston, Massachusetts. She is also a senior faculty member at their Ontario, California campus, to which her academy Is accredited. From a thirty-year background in teaching and corporate training, she is a well-known international seminar and conference presenter, with particular specialties in the use of music and the arts, digital technology, metaphor, movement, nutrition and overall brain-body fitness, creativity, neuro-linguistic programming and general accelerated-learning methods. Dr. Vos is currently researching and writing two further books, on breakthroughs in brain-mind-body research and on natural nutrition. Gordon Dryden is a New Zealand-based award-winning broadcaster, author, journalist, publisher, television host and businessman, with a multimedia career that also spans public relations, international marketing and advertising creative directing. In 1990, he obtained a $2 million grant to set up the Pacific Foundation in his home country, New Zealand, to mount a public debate on education in the twentyfirst century. That project involved touring the planet with a TV crew and shooting 150 hours of videotape for six one-hour documentaries. Given his multimedia background, it's not surprising that he brings a deep interest in creative thinking and interactive-technology to education. He also heads his own multimedia publishing company, The Learning Web. Its activities include organising teacher retraining programmes to link new learning methods with new technologies. He has an abiding interest in bridging the digital divide between rich and poor nations.
Table of Contents:
Preface Foreword by Sir Christopher Ball The converging revolutions The network revolution The talent revolution The teach-yourself revolution The creative revolution The start-right revolution The early-childhood revolution The teaching revolution The learning-styles revolution The catch-up revolution The high school revolution The corporate revolution The digital revolution How to reinvent the world Chapter reference notes Acknowledgements and thanks Recommended resources Index Author biographies

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