Psychology in the Work Context

Antoinette L. Theron Zeil C. Bergh

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Psychology in the Work Context 4e is a thorough introductory text for students of industrial and organisational (IO) psychology. The book provides a comprehensive conceptual framework for understanding work behaviour and relationships at work. It makes use of work-related examples and applications pertinent to the South African context and culture-specific issues are discussed where relevant. The fourth edition of Psychology in the Work Context has been streamlined while referring to current thinking in and about psychology and industrial psychology. Features and benefits: . The book maintains a balance between the discipline of psychology and the work context as serves the needs of first-year I-O Psychology and HR students. This means that the reader does not simply study HR processes but is equipped with a theoretical framework from which to analyse issues in the work place. . There are extensive work-related examples (such as the 'neurotic imposter phenomenon') many of which deal with issues pertinent to SA (such as learning-potential testing). This lays the foundations for students to use I-O psychology in their careers. . Cultural issues are discussed (such as culture-bound syndromes in psychopathology). This develops career-facing students, equipped to work with diversity in a multicultural workforce. Different types of information boxes break the text into manageable sections and guide students in applying their minds to the concepts discussed. . There are also different types of assessment activities, including case studies, questions for discussion and practice, and multiple choice questions, which enhance the reader's understanding of concepts and applications in the work context, and also personalise the learning context. . The book contains a glossary of updated key concepts in English and Afrikaans-- this acts as a quick reference to students to check that they have worked through all the concepts covered in the textbook.

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Antoinette L. Theron, Zeil C. Bergh
USA Oxford University Press
4th edition
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Ziel C. Bergh is a registered psychologist with extensive practical experience and publications as well as Senior Lecturer in the Department of Industrial and Organisational Psychology, UNISA. Antoinette L. Theron was Professor in the same department. She is engaged in academic writing and has done research in the field of psychology.

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psychology in work context

the book is perfect and i'm happy that i did not have to pay for courier which also arrived quickly when i needed it to do my assignments


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