Study & Master Physical Sciences

Study & Master Physical Sciences Grade12 is pitched at a language level accessible to all learners.
Karin H. Kelder Jagathesan Govender Derick Govender

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Study & Master Physical Sciences Grade12 is pitched at a language level accessible to all learners.

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Study & Master Physical Sciences Grade 12 takes a fresh and innovative look at the world around us and links science to our everyday lives. All case studies and information on specialised fields, companies and institutions were personally researched by the authors and verified by experts in those fields, companies and institutions. The Learner's Book: * is pitched at a language level that will reach all learners, especially those taking the subject in their second language * explains and reinforces the language of science that all Physical Sciences learners must master * includes a wide variety of contexts, often linked to activities suitable for assessment * offers extensive examples of worked questions and calculations, followed by exercises, enabling leearners to answer more challenging questions * explains and highlights definitions and formulas in boxes for easy reference * provides additional information in the 'Did you know?' features * includes Summative Assessment activities at the end of modules.

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Karin H. Kelder, Jagathesan Govender, Derick Govender
FET Phase
Cambridge University Press (South Africa)
Cambridge University Press (South Africa)
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Study & Master
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Gr 12: Learner's book
Schools & Educational
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How to use this book; Learning outcomes and Assessment Standards. Introduction. Module 1. Mechanics. Unit 1. Motion in two dimensions; Unit 2. Work, energy and power. Module 2. Waves, sound and light. Unit 1. The Doppler effect; Unit 2. Colour; Unit 3. 2-D and 3-D wavefronts; Unit 4. Wave nature of matter. Module 4. Matter and materials. Unit 1. Optical phenomena and properties of material; Unit 2. Mechanical properties; Unit 3. Organic molecules; Unit 4. Organic Macromolecules. Module 5. Chemical change. Unit 1. Rate and extent of reaction; Unit 2. Elcetrochemical reactions. Module 6. Chemical systems. Unit 1. The chemical industry in South Africa; Unit 2. Fuels; Unit 3. Polymers; Unit 4. Chlor-alkali industry; Unit 5. Fertilisers; Unit 6. Batteries.

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Study & Master Physical Sciences



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