The Go-to Mom's Parents' Guide to Emotion Coaching Young Children

From the producer of the popular on line The Go-To Mom.
Kimberley Blaine

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From the producer of the popular on line The Go-To Mom.

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From the producer of the popular on line The Go-To Mom.TV, comes a handy guide filled with practical tips that reject old-fashioned discipline and instead use empathy and emotion coaching, a more effective, open-hearted method of support and positive change. Blaine shows how to put in place life-changing solutions and access previously untapped resources. This book is written for parents who struggle to solve the day-to-day problems of raising kids. She offers emotion coaching solutions for dealing with tantrums, nightmares, hitting, bedtime, whining, bedwetting potty training, shyness, and anger.

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Kimberley Blaine
John Wiley & Sons
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Kimberley Clayton Blaine, MA, MFT, is a licensed family and child therapist, the founder and executive producer of www.TheGoToMom.TV, and the social marketing director of a Los Angeles based early childhood mental health campaign funded by SAMHSA, a division of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.
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Acknowledgments. Introduction. 1. Common Problems That Make Discipline Challenging: How Emotion Coaching Can Help. 2. The Importance of Emotion Coaching. 3. Baby Discipline: Is There Such a Thing? 4. The Terrific Twos and Terrible Threes: Moving from New and Exciting to Sweat and Tears. 5. As Your Child Advances in Development, So Do the Challenges: Guiding Your Four- to Seven-Year-Old. 6. Unconditional Parenting: The One Job You Can't Quit. 7. Common Questions from Go-To Mom Viewers. Epilogue. References. The Go-To Mom's Best Book Corner. About the Author. Index.

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