The Hunger Games

Suzanne Collins

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Suzanne Collins
Scholastic Press
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Hunger Games
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12 - UP
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A great trilogy

Fast paced, exciting, believable and sincere characters. A great read. Original and thought pro-@#$ing. All 3 books were highly enjoyable.

I'll keep readind as long as Suzi keep writing!

Great story line, easy read, lovely character developments. Highly rcomeendable to scholars ....and adults!

Not so impressed

I tried to like this book. I tried to like the characters. But it didnt work for me. I couldnt get around the idea of children killing each other due to political/social circumstances. Whilst Katniss was preparing herself for the games (which is a a big chunk of the book), I was bored. Slow pace and the anticipation/worry/anxiety/ concern that Im sure I was meant to feel for Katniss's fate did not happen for me. Suzanne Collions storytelling does not captivate me and suck me into her world and her characters. By the time the games started, I really didnt care whether Katniss lived or died. I just did not connect with her and whilst brave, in my opinion, she lacks personality. I did however, develop a warmth towards Peeta but I didnt see the romantic spark between Katniss and him. Needless to say, I did not go catch this movie when it was on circuit (will wait for it to play on MNet) as in most cases, the movies never quite live up to the books. I want to believe in this series. I want to believe in Katniss as the heroine in this revolution. I want to believe that I will warm up to her and believe in her romance with Peeta. I want to believe that I will be sucked into this story and believe in its I will read the remaining two books!

Worth every page

The Hunger Games is a Young Adult dystopian novel. Imagine a destroyed world. Imagine Ancient Rome. Imagine The Colosseum. Katniss Everdeen is 16. She lives somewhere in the future in District 12 of Panem. The Capitol of Panem cruelly controls the half-starved population with food rations and ‘peacekeepers’. Every year, each of the 12 districts must send ‘tributes’ to compete in The Hunger Games. The tributes are children from 12 – 18, their names drawn in public at the ‘reaping’. The tributes get to compete in the biggest show on Earth. A girl and a boy from each district are styled, coached and thrown into an arena. The games are sponsored, and televised 24 hours a day. The catch? Only one of the 24 comes out alive. The contestants have to kill each other. Horrifying, and yet familiar, Suzanne Collins has written an extraordinary novel. Using reality television, Collins holds up humanity’s future, its present and its past. Would you watch these games? Be honest. Katniss is so human, so imperfect and so perfect for the role she never wanted. Selfish, brave, and pure, she becomes the Capitol’s worst nightmare. Read this book. It’s worth every page. 4.5/5


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