The Last Rhinos: The Powerful Story of One Man's Battle to Save a Species

This is another extraordinary story of life on a South African game reserve from the authors of "The Elephant Whisperer".
Lawrence Anthony Graham Spence

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This is another extraordinary story of life on a South African game reserve from the authors of "The Elephant Whisperer".

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Life on Lawrence Anthony's game reserve, Thula Thula, is rarely dull, what with spitting cobras endangering his rangers and the unpredictable behaviour of his herd of elephants. But at least his orphaned rhino Heidi is calm around people, and a favourite of staff and guests alike. Until she is brutally slaughtered for her horn. Furious and heartsick, Lawrence heads off to track down the poachers, but also embarks on a bid to save the Congo's last few northern white rhino from extinction. Diplomatic efforts are failing, so he takes action himself, flying into a warzone to negotiate with rebels. Will he survive his most dangerous adventure yet, and will Thula Thula survive the drought that threatens the region? Peopled with unforgettable characters, from the local witch doctor to eccentric conservationist Brendan and the elephants who have such an extraordinary bond with Lawrence, The Last Rhinos is a sometimes funny, sometimes moving, always gripping read.

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Lawrence Anthony, Graham Spence
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Last of the Rhions

A wonderful encounter of the SAD truth about poaching in SA, and the courage of a man to do something about it. truly inspirational

The Last Rhinos

Very good

The last rhino

Great reading

The Last Rhino...a tribute to Lawrence Anthony

Can you imagine a change to the saying, "As dead as a dodo," to "as dead as a rhino?" There is a strong possibility of the rhino being extinct within 5-10 years unless we do something different. I had just finished reading "The Elephant Whisperer" about Lawrence Anthony and his herd of elephants at Thula Thula so reading The Last Rhino made sense. Furthermore there are a lot of questions I need answered about the plight of rhinos through poaching. The Last Rhino is without a doubt a very good read and throws much light on the character of Lawrence and his adventures. He and the co-author, Spence raise some interesting points about poaching and the illegal trade of rhino horn. Maybe I was looking for something a bit meatier in this area but the book did not disappoint. This is a great read for anyone who loves African wildlife and conservation.


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