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The Real Meal Revolution - Tim Noakes

The Real Meal Revolution is jam packed with delicious recipes put together with the gauntlets of nutritional science and self-experimentation by the Professionals themselves.

A scientist, a nutritionist, and two chef-athletes compiled this holy grail of mouth-watering recipes as a result of their experience combined with overwhelming scientific evidence. Prof Tim Noakes, Sally-Ann Creed, Jonno Proudfoot and David Grier have compiled The Real Meal Revolution as cookbook that is part myth-busting scientific thriller and part delightful recipe book.

The aim of this cookbook is to assist you with:
  • More energy
  • Less (or no) cravings
  • No hunger
  • Weight loss
  • Much better health in every aspect
  • Better blood glucose and insulin readings
  • Enhanced athletic performance
  • Increased mental focus
  • Better sleeping habits(less)
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    Sally-Ann Creed Tim Noakes Jonno Proudfoot David Grier Prof Tim Noakes

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    The Real Meal Revolution is jam packed with delicious recipes put together with the gauntlets of nutritional science and self-experimentation by the Professionals themselves.

    A scientist, a nutritionist, and two chef-athletes compiled this holy grail of mouth-watering recipes as a result of their experience combined with overwhelming scientific evidence. Prof Tim Noakes, Sally-Ann Creed, Jonno Proudfoot and David Grier have compiled The Real Meal Revolution as cookbook that is part myth-busting scientific thriller and part delightful recipe book.

    The aim of this cookbook is to assist you with:
  • More energy
  • Less (or no) cravings
  • No hunger
  • Weight loss
  • Much better health in every aspect
  • Better blood glucose and insulin readings
  • Enhanced athletic performance
  • Increased mental focus
  • Better sleeping habits(less)
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    Tim Noakes, David Grier, Sally-Ann Creed, Jonno Proudfoot, Prof Tim Noakes
    Quivertree Publications
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    Customer reviews

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    Great book and incredibly quick delivery, received it the next day.

    Life changing

    Been eating this way for 6 weeks and cannot believe how much life-changing and health-changing it has brought about.


    Fantastic book, buy it now and get on your own path to good health

    The Real Meal Revolution by Tim Noakes

    Excellent! A good way to live permanently, still so many nice things to eat!

    Can eat all the things I enjoy, not missing out on much at all!

    Awesome service & book

    I'm in Australia and received my book within a week something that doesn't even happen with items from the Eastern states. As for the book is full of information and great recipes, have already tried 2 and about to try the lasagne for tea they've all been delicious!


    Firstly many thanks to Kalahari, wonderful surprise living in Wales to receive my book within a few days from Africa. Then of course there is The Real Meal Revolution. Fabulous recipes 'that do help you loose wight'. Tried cauliflower mash in place of potato on a fish pie. Using courgettes strips in place of pasta; a favourite i place of carbs with any meal.

    Diet Revolution - Noakes

    Beautifully set out. Explains things so well. Cannot wait to start - my friends are SKINNY now!!!

    The book was not available were we live,England, ordered from Kalahari, it arrived within 3 working days. That is what we call outstanding service. The whole family has taken to eating this way, we are going into our 4th week. All have lost weight and feel much better, more alert, not needing a snooze in the afternoon. We do not miss carbs, never get that awful hunger "must eat all in sight" feeling any more. Hubby was taking 36 units of insulin in the morning and evening, he had to lessen it daily and now has not had any insulin in a week. Donated all foods that we will not eat. Thank you.

    Book is fantastic- arrived within a week (we live in New Zealand) and in good condition (apart from scratches and creases put into it by customs...damn customs!)

    Great Book, very well reseached & written. The recipes are Fantastic, clearly explained & laid out for easy understanding. It is great to see after all this time, a book that explains so much about correct eating habits. I am sure it will be a Huge Success. Thank you Tim for this wonderful piece of work.

    Positive effect on whole family

    whole family taking part and on average have lost on average 4kg each in 2 weeks! Book delivery fast and in top condition - very impressed all round.


    At long last this way of eating is gaining credible support. I have been following this type of eating regime for some years and its encouraging to see legends like Dr Tim Noakes are now into. A great book, easy to read, awesome recipes.

    Life changing!

    I'm only a few pages in and I can already tell this book is going to change my life and probably those around me too. I live in Australia, Kalahari is good to deal with the book arrived in 2 weeks and payment was easy :)

    Life Changing

    This is an excellent book and a rejuvenation of life in my 40's. Also excellent service and price in getting this book from Kalahari

    Best Book on Nutrition Ever

    Ordered whilst in S. Africa recently. Arrived whilst we were away. A great resource

    Love it!

    This is a great read and the recipes are easy and super tasty. And love the design and beautiful pictures. I will buy it for all my friends remotley interested in the lowcarb lifestyles.

    Great Book

    The Real Meal Revolution is a quality book with fabulous recipes, and the food guides make buying the right food really easy. The book isn't available in Australia but Kalahari in Johannesburg had the book securely packed and delivered to me within a week. Great work Kalahari!

    So far so good

    Only been on the eating plan for four days and so far so good.

    Life changing.

    I wished I had this book 20 years ago! Must be translated to spanish :)

    I love this book, have just received it so can't wait to start! Bit daunting all the cooking things (ie no more cereal for brekkie, lol) but hey, who doesn't love bacon and eggs????

    This book has revolutionized a group of 10 mainly health professionals here in NZ - thanks to one of our Zim doctors picking up on the idea when travelling back to SA. We are all losing weight after many years of being on various diet regimes and this book most importantly gives us the science behind why the LCHF diet works and the really easy to follow delicious and filling recipes. It's a brilliant way forward- Tim Noakes is our guru!

    Very Interesting

    The Real Meal Revolution is a very interesting book. Firstly, following the eating plan has made it much easier to control diabetes. So it is a major plus

    A Must Have Book of a Healthy Life.

    I bought 10 copies of this book into Australia for myself, my daughters & some other friends. We are all very impressed with the whole book. I love the way it is set out with so many great recipes in between all of the facts telling why the world is getting fatter and more diabetic every day. That info is in lots of other books, of which I've read quite a few, but is much more easily understandable in "The Real Meal Revolution". I have a feeling that I'll have others wanting to obtain copies as well. We have only just received them so haven't had the chance to try many recipes out yet but we are impressed with those we have tried. Thank You for a brilliant publication. Steve.

    The Real Meal Revolution

    It is a brilliant book. I have started using the book at 116KG and after a week lost 2.5KG. Looking forward to the next few months But I think it will be sooner! Bring on 90KGS!!

    Very good, also works outside of SA

    The English is well-written, and the mapping table in the back (cups vs. milliliters etc.) makes the recipes trivial to use in metric countries. The science is also well-explained.

    Real Meal Revolution - Prof. Tim Noakes

    Well - I thought it was BS..... so I tried it. Totally Gobsmacked - RESULTS were astounding - 4kg in 2 weeks - so, its a Very effective Result, an entertaining Read, and when applying yourself to it even "partially" the results make you sit up and take notice. Best Book Purchase I have made in AGES!

    Crucial info for anybody who cares about health.

    Life changer!

    I watched a few Youtube videos of Prof. Noakes talking about this way of eating. I also read a lot about Banting in general. I decided to try this because for the first time ever there was an acceptable scientific explanation on how your body process food. I started eating according to Noakes' guidelines and in 5 weeks lost 6kg. But that is a secondary issue. The real benefit is how good I feel! I will recommend this to anyone who want a healthier lifestyle. Goodbye Carbs! The way the book is written is great as well. The first section gives you a quick overview of everything Noakes and the others have to say. Then you have list of food that you cannot, should not or can eat. This is followed by a excellent quality "cookbook" with great recipes and photos. The last section of the book goes into more scientific detail if you want to know more. Buy this book and start changing your life.

    Brilliant. Best buy ever!! It works

    The Real Meal Revolution

    Excellent service from Kalahari.com, as always! RMR is a brilliant book, well laid out, fantastic insight!


    Am giving it a try. Very convincing read

    This is my new life

    I am loving banting and the food is amazing!!

    Stunning Results

    I was 114kg in the last, I managed to drop until 102 and could lose no more even if I ran or go to the gymn. I have been on this lifestyle, not diet for a week and for the first time in a long time, I am on the other side of 100 on the scale. I am at 98kg solid and best of all, I dont have cravings and neither do I feel hungry all the time. This is a great lifestyle for most. Critics can say all they want but numbers dont lie

    the truth!

    At last!This book is about a sustainable healthy way of living!It is about food the way I grew up with, supported with true medical facts!Thanks to Tim Noakes and his co-writers!

    A complete resource for LCHF

    This book is not just (as I originally thought it would be)a collection of recipes for LCHF eating. It is full of inspiration, the science to back up LCHF as a healthy way of eating, advice on stocking up on the right ingredients, and many delicious recipes to ensure you don't get bored with your low carb menus.

    Real Meal Revolution


    I'm only at the beginning - but I'm very inspired!

    Too good to keep to myself!

    Got to share this with everyone around me!! Guess what my family will get in their Christmas stockings this year...

    Brilliant! 5 stars!

    Just bought the book 2 weeks ago. I'm 25 kg overweight. Sorry,I'll refraise that. I'm "after 2 week's" 17 kg overweight. And i just keep losing it! For over 30 years I've been overweight. And although I "really did" have the knowledge, it was floating about the place as disparate concept's! This book brings all those disparate concept's together so that finally, "like me", YOU WILL, have that Eureka moment of understanding! The diet is easy, you never feel hungry and your body and mind will love you for the rest of your life!

    The Real Meal Revolution

    Interesting - challenging - but still to test drive it.

    The Real Meal Revolution

    Excellent service from Kalahari and excellent book a must have for everyone.

    Stunning to say the least. I started last Monday and in 1 week, I have lost 3.4Kg. It may sound impossible but I have to add that my current weight is 132KG which makes it a lot easier to lose that amount compared to someone who is 80Kg.

    Life changing - I love the recipes and choices of things you can eat - I don't even miss the carbs anymore

    The Real Meal Revolution

    Brilliant! Requires a person (like me) to reprogram all I have ever been taught about food. Have lost 1.5kg in a week. Delicious recipes. The only thing that niggles is the fact that I am not told exact portions, but I am learning and listening to my body....

    The LCHF "Bible"

    This is an excellent buy! Love the fact that it is a two-in-one: both factual information and a cookbook. I'm using mine daily.

    an absolute winner @ a great price from kalahari.com

    great recipes and more, never hungry and my pants are falling down!


    So far so good, I lost 600g and hubby 1,6 kg in one week! Recipes are outstanding in spite of being so easy. We are also spreading the news further.

    Motivation for a sustainable eating plan

    This books gives the tools and the motivation for one to change to a sustainable healthy lifestyle with the added benefit of weight loss. My blood sugar levels have dropped into the 'normal' range after following this.

    LCHF made easy and fun!

    What a support to LCHF lifestyle. Humorous, simple and delicious recipes beautifully presented and ilustrated. What more can a girl ask for?

    The Real Meal Revolution

    A life changing book. Makes absolute sense. I love that it is an easy read and that all the ingredients for the recipes are locally found.I am losing weight ,I feel great and will keep on Banting!

    Interesting & lovely recipes

    It takes a change of mindset - throw everything you know about food, health and dieting out the window. Only teeny issue - don't like the font. Not easy to read

    a total revolution/revelation!!

    I cannot be more excited about this book! The information to help integrate the total turn around in my knowledge of food and its effects on my body is so readable and easy to grasp. The receipts are easy, tasty and nourishing and enable you to start this new eating life style with ease and enthusiasm.....LOVE IT! It is a revolution on so many levels!

    Its easy, its tasty, it works!

    I lost around 8kgs in 8 months by adopting a more active lifestyle. I could not get rid of the last 7kgs to reach my goal weight. I bought this book and started the diet on Sunday. By Friday I had lost 3kgs. Its easy, its tasty, it works!


    This brilliant book is well worth the money and time spent reading it ----then put it into practice!

    Buy it - dont hesitate

    If you are eating LCHF or considering going this way - BUY THE BOOK!! Besides having the greatest recipes for this way of eating, the science behind it is made simple... AND humorous. You want to improve a mate's health - buy him/her the book!!


    The LCHF way of eating is totally contradictory to what I have been "taught" all these years. I had to undergo a total mind change. The reading and explanations are easy to understand. This new way of eating works!!!! My husband, myself and my son have all lost weight in the last 4 weeks. I love the recipes which are easy to prepare and so tasty. Thank you Tim Noakes and your team. Oh! And my running has improved by leaps and bounds!!!!!!

    Love The Book

    Great,great book with lots of new ideas for low carb, high fat meals. I have been on low carb, high fat diet for about 3 years and am always very happy to get new recipes. These ones are great and I love the book. Thanks.

    It Works

    A great introduction to the LCHF way of eating, with entry level science, recipe ideas and a well presented package. I've been eating low carb since reading Gary Taubes "Why We Get Fat" book about two ago, but this is an excellent resource and well worth getting for anyone considering the LCHF lifestyle.

    This really works

    The science makes sense. The recipes work, with something for every food mood. The meals are delicious. My husband and I are both losing weight steadily. A lot of our friends are trying it with the same positive feedback. TRY IT!

    excellant book and delicious recipes!!!


    Very good, don't feel hungry don't have cravings and loosing weight, you are not on a diet, you are busy with a life style change

    Inspiration for health

    The information is inspiring and will be the back bone to the LCHF way of life, which is an answer to me to loose weight and live healthy. This will be a book on my shelf that will be frequently used.

    Worth the Wait

    I had this book on pre-order, and it was worth the wait. The information is informative, the recipes are amazing, and for any gluten intolerant person, it is a must. Follow the advice and you WILL lose weight, and feel 100% healthier.


    A really well written text, interestingly and attractively presented.


    We should all be eating this way. There should be NO processed food....

    Fat is your friend

    I've always loved fat, and knew I needed it, but I was missing something more substantial, to back my intuition and gut feel :P This book is it, some science plus practical and awesome meal ideas. Mine wasn't a weight problem, I was ideal 'racing weight', but I was living from one sugar/carb rush to the next. This book has helped me to challenge the belief that I need lots of carbs, and has put me in a good place. Thanks!!

    Great book! Well written and humorous! Excellent recipes!

    The only lousy thing about this book is that there is now no more excuse to be fat! Lost 45kg Banting

    Best Eating Plan Book Ever

    I have been on low carb high fat since Oct 2013. It's just my kind of food and my waistline is loving it. Critics - should wake up and try this eating plan for at least a month, you have nothing to loose - then give us feedback!!! That would be interesting..emmmm.


    Love the LCHF way of eating, and this book provides so many tasty and different ideas to apply to the lifestyle. There are beautiful pictures of the food. There is also all the technical and scientific info for those who want to learn more about how this way of eating benefits your body.

    A book to live by

    Prof Noakes' work on a low carb lifestyle has changed my life. Everyone should read this book.

    Amazing Book!

    This must be the most informative recipe book I have ever read and will use,I have never been so excited about my eating habits and changes in my life, thank you Tim and team for your valuable and appreciated talents and knowledge!!

    Awesome book

    This is an excellent recipe book with such delicious recipes which suit my eating style. This way of eating has changed my life and to have a book which can give me more exciting ideas is such a treat.

    The Real Meal Revolution

    This is a book worth having. The best part is that it's got all the delicious recipes in. No more searching for recipes on the internet.

    Love this book!

    I am so happy to have a resource so close to home! It is about time South Africa catches up :) The book is beautifully presented and I am excited to have it in my collection!

    Simple Delicious way to change Life Style and loose weight

    AM blown away by this book. Have been looking all year for specific detail and recipes on Tim Noakes new way of living healthy and keeping weight off. This book gives an easy to read overview at the beginning, the most delicious recipes in the centre and the technical detail at the end for those needing this info.


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