To the Point

There's something about Herschelle Gibbs – a certain quality that has endeared him to cricket fans in South Africa and around the world.
Herschelle Gibbs

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There's something about Herschelle Gibbs – a certain quality that has endeared him to cricket fans in South Africa and around the world.

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There's something about Herschelle Gibbs - a certain quality that has endeared him to cricket fans in South Africa and around the world.

Despite the frustrating on-field inconsistencies of this towering talent, and the messy and very public off-field personal troubles that have tracked him through the years, Gibbs remains one of South African cricket's best-loved sons.

In his own, very frank, words, Herschelle Gibbs chronicles the ups and downs of his personal and professional life, and describes what it's been like to be part of the Proteas for the past fourteen years, through the controversies of its various captains, coaches and administrators.

To the Point is of course, a spicy story of excess - women, alcohol, money and plenty of runs - but it also reveals a warm and generous man who wears his heart on his sleve.

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Herschelle Gibbs
The No-Holds-Barred Autobiography
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Very disappointing

Gibbs entertains with the bat but his biography is extremely disappointing. He shows himself to be a shallow and debauched individual - more occupied with off- field drinking and sexual escapades than growing up. He exposes a seedy side to SA Cricket - and one that I would rather not know. There are many better books to read. This one promises more than it delivers!

Nice light Read

I found some very funny parts in the book. I certainly think that Herschelle was the one that tried to keep things interesting. After reading the book I also realised that it was not as bad as the media made it out to be.

Not what I expected

I am a huge cricket fan and go to live games whenever I can. Hence, I was really excited about Herschelle's book and although he has never been one of my favourite cricketing characters I thought that the book would be a glance into the inside workings of the team, the interaction between the players, the characters of the players and such things. Unfortunately, the book was really about Herschelle's social life and his drinking habits. Interestingly enough, even having spent time in rehab because of his drinking he still doesn't believe that he has a drinking problem. I think that the contents of his book show otherwise. I did find certain parts of the book interesting and I suppose that the book was a slight eye opener in that I was always under the impression that being a professional sportmen meant that you would take your sport seriously and not be out getting smashed the night before a game but this book shows that the great game is just fun-and-games to some. I still think the book is worth a read but I wouldn't go as far as saying that it's brilliant. Oh, and as for Gibb's comments that the current team lacks a "vibe" between the players, well, yes, if going out drinking every single night of the week with your team mates and getting blitzed is your idea of having a vibe, then perhaps you are correct.

For such a talented cricketer I am very disappointed in the content of the book. I was looking forward to learning how he developed his talent and the struggles and triumphs he has had as a cricketer. Instead, half the book ( 160 pages) are on about how much he enjoys drinking, how he beds women, and what a great guy he is. From being a great fan of his cricket talents, I have a new found dislike for him. It is almost as if the cricket was just a job to support his drinking and womanising lifestyle. I also did not think the book was written very well at all.


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