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The Real Meal Revolution - Tim Noakes (eBook)

Part myth-busting scientific thriller, part mouth-watering cookbook, the goal of Real Meal Revolution is to change your life by teaching you how to take charge of your weight and your health through the way you eat. NEW: Any 20 pages are now printable
Sally-Ann Creed Tim Noakes Jonno Proudfoot David Grier Professor Timothy Noakes

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Part myth-busting scientific thriller, part mouth-watering cookbook, the goal of Real Meal Revolution is to change your life by teaching you how to take charge of your weight and your health through the way you eat. NEW: Any 20 pages are now printable

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Tim Noakes, Sally-Ann Creed, David Grier, Jonno Proudfoot, Professor Timothy Noakes
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Book is good, E-Book format NOT!

The book itself is good with great recipes. The E-Book format on the other hand is a disaster. Reading is extremely restricted and user unfriendly. Adobe DRM is a disaster!

Good book, slow ebook

Recipes are amazing, really feel good and enjoy the meals. The ebook is so slow that we were forced to buy a hardcopy as well...

Think Twice About the eBook

This is a very interesting book and definitely challenges the reader to review and adjust what they know/believe about the way they eat. The book is great! However, I must admit, I bought the eBook and initially it downloaded easily - but then I wasn't able to add it to iBooks - I had to install a different program and the format is really slow and cumbersome. I will admit that I'm not the greatest with technology - but I have bought other ebooks and never had this much hassle. In retrospect, I wish I'd bought the book.

The Real Meal Revolution - Tim Noakes (eBook)

What I could read of the book is fantastic but I gave up in frustration because of the difficulty using Adobe Digital Editions (using on WIN 7 laptop) which was so slow and scrolling ...ggrrr.. Being limited to the number of page prints you can do is unfair - I paid for the book I should be able to print it. I print recipes to use them when cooking and I cannot print all the recipes in this book. Not happy

A Life Changing Read (and what goes with it!!)

What we have learnt from this book and all the other material it has lead to has taken the blinkers off our eyes. I am a doctor and had already instituted some of the changes years ago, but am a sugar addict! I have an autoimmune disease of my sensory nerves, it has wrecked my life in certain respects. It could be diet or environmental poisons that I was heavily exposed to. My wife battles to lose weight, but has now lost easily. I SHOULD HAVE GIVEN FIVE STARS, but as I have a download copy, IN THE UK, the fonts are not always easy to read.

e-book slow

I loaded it on the iPad and it is unusable as it is so slow. Works fine on the Android though.

Life Changing!

The recipes are exceptional but please inform your customers that there are printing restrictions on this book. I live in Zimbabwe where we have power cuts most days and would have liked to print the whole book so the banting recipes are always available. I would rather have bought the book instead of the digital version had I known this. Now I have to pay twice for the same book, not acceptable.

Excellent! Love it!!

Book Fantastic - E Reader a horror story

Book 100% must buy easy read and quick to follow the life changing focus. I will not buy another book digital book from Kalahari as the reader is horrid. very slow takes for ever to download. Kalahari team don't seem to be concerned about the quality of the E Reader.

Good content delivered badly

This digital version, combined with the kalahari e-reader app is a pathetic and frustrating combination. The content and recipes are great however, but buy the paper version instead.

eBook Pathetically Slow

Hi all, perhaps also Kalahari ebook publishers, fantastic book but I have never ever come across an ebook version that's is so frustratingly slow, it's pathetic. Perhaps if they could get a kindle version and allow us to convert our per chase. Kindle really is fantastic and super quick and easy. This version takes up to 15seconds to load each a every page as I flip 👎👎😩😡😴

e-book is painfully slow

The content of the book is fabulous, however, it is the most painful process to actually read the ebook. Each page loads excruciatingly slowly. Impossible to skip quickly to another section. And no, it is not my ipad or wifi, I read loads of books purchased from Amazon! First ebook from Kalahari, so not sure if it is just this book or Kalahari that is the problem.

Good value for money

I am totally on board with the concepts behind the book. My difficulties are more with the physical product rather than the content. I tried to use the book on my tablet but it was too difficult so just gave up.

Have heard only positive results from this Diet BUT if only the eBook was more user friendly! Can't get to my desktop to read all the time, would love to be able to download onto my iPad therefore I cannot start the Diet which is rather irritating....

Best Money Ever Spent

5kg down on weight and off type 2 diabetes medicine in 2 weeks and much more energy

Life changing!

Pity about the format

Great book! Only a pity it can't be offloaded as pdf and compatible with iBook, Kindle etc. Big inconvenience...

Nutrition bible

Great book, great information, should be the market leader. It's a shame it's not sold in the UK. The e-book is very slow (as other reviewers have mentioned), so makes it frustrating to use if you're looking for recipes. It's also a shame it's not available in Kindle format, in my opinion a far more sophisticated platform.

Expensive ingredients and time consuming recipes

The ingredients for these recipes are expensive. The bread recipe is very tasteless and you have to get used to the coconut oil, which is not for everyone's pallet. Good luck to those that can endure the preparation time for these recipes. It is time consuming and I would have liked to hire a chef with the book :) I tried

Loads of information

Not only does it contain many recipies Also information on why one should eat less carb and sugar and go for the fat I live in sweden and missed Noakes when was here. Heard him talk at Jimmy Mores show and seen youtube clips with him

Very happy


Great book

Love the book. Wonderful recipes and very informative. Learnt so much. Unfortunately I will have to purchase the hard copy as ithe ebook is slow and not at all user friendly, unlike other ebooks I have purchased.

Excellent Book

Search capability sub-optimal. Cannot Print Loading of pages to slow Please attempt to make it more User friendly?

Great Book

Really good book, but have now had to buy a hard copy as I found it far too slow to keep scrolling up and down. Quite painful at times waiting for pages to load. However, the content of the book is fantastic.

Fantastic book!

Love the book, the printed version that is. I'm disappointed in the ebook. Find it not user friendly - slow, can't print anything, etc. - that's annoying... I have subsequently bought the hard copy.

Excellent book. Well written, with beautiful photos to illustrate the mouth watering recipes. Being a biochemist, I enjoyed the scientific part of the book, which was pitched at just the right level to explain the science behind the 'revolution'. Highly recommended.

The most delicious diet ever

Wonderful book, delicious, easy recipes. I bought the e-book and just print the recipes I need to take to the kitchen or on holiday. That way I don't have to take the whole book along and my menu is a few pages - brilliant! It's also on my iPhone so I have the ingredients when I'm shopping as well!

The Real Meal Revolution

This is a REVOLUTIONARY read and lifestyle.

This a must read for everybody! It changed our lives. Easy recipes, easy to understand and the eating plan definitely works to loose weight and feel better. I just wish more people in the medical profession would take note.

Delicious receipes!

Live in USA, only way to get book was as an eBook. Terrific information on why HFLC works but the meals, and I have made many so far, are so good that you do not miss nor do you want carbs! Thanks Prof. Tim Noakes and crew. Entire family in USA banting. I am a teacher and am spreading the word, one person at a time over here!

Fantastic - busy changing my life

This book is fantastic and is so true; I lost 15 kg's 3 years ago following the same principle completely unaware of Banting; I have started again after reading the book and it is going fantastic.

Limited printing would be nice

The book is great, but it would be nice to be able to print out the Green, yellow and Red lists. Limited printing should be made possible. I also found it a bit of a mission to download and transfer to iPad.

Easy to read, easy to understand

I bought the ebook about 2 weeks ago and basically read it in one day. It explains the "science" behind the lifestyle very well and in a manner that anyone can understand. The recipes are brilliant and the photos beautiful, can't wait to start trying them out!

Wow! The Real Deal!

Brilliant! Delicious recipes and the 'science' behind this book makes so much sense. Turns everything we've been taught about nutrition on its head. My husband has lost 5kg in 10 days; I have lost only a couple but am already close to my ideal weight. More importantly though we both feel so energized! No hunger pangs, no mid-afternoon lulls in energy. Convincing others is difficult due to the indoctrination we all received about diet. The fact is we just feel so much healthier having started on this new regime.....so far so good!

Locked PDF

What a mission to down-load this book. Have started looking at the content, very good so far. Very well presented. Can't print recipes to take to the kitchen so have a choice of running between PC and stove, set up two-way radio contact, have dinner at 02h00 to take best advantage of cheap/free cell-phone calls after midnight (hands-free kit essential at stove end) Other than this small issue (yawn - cell-phone option) it should be good to use.

Pity about not printing

the book is divine... the printed version that is, as i hate the ebook. i can't print anything - for example the red, orange & green lists - and to actually cook from an ebook where you can't print the recipe is also annoying... i have subsequently bought the hard copy and am enjoying that.

Changing my Life

I have been a Diabetic for 22 years, Have used Insulin (80 units per day, Lantis) for 8 years. Have been banting for 9days now, no weight loss yet but in the 9 days I have used 40 units of Insulin where I would have used 720 units. My readings are between 6 & 8. Pity as ebook you cant print the receipies and lists. Have ordered the book.

Changed my Life

I have no IBS anymore. My energy levels are constantly high and my sleeping pattern is back to normal. I love the food and all the recipes are easy to make. This dieet is so easy. Weight loss is also excellent. Thank you!

Utterly superb.

I'm a retired doctor from Ireland. This book will help, eventually, to change the way doctors think. I've only make a few of the recipes yet but they're really great. I'm losing weight effortlessly with no hunger at all (for the first time I can ever remember, and I'm nearly 64).

The Real Meal Revolution

Well written, easy to follow and scrumptious recipies. It is as the title explains!


The new e-book is much better than the old one, finally I can browse the recipe's and enjoy it.


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