28 Days Later

Animal activists invade a laboratory with the intention of releasing chimpanzees that are undergoing experimentation, infected by a virus -a virus that causes rage.

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Animal activists invade a laboratory with the intention of releasing chimpanzees that are undergoing experimentation, infected by a virus -a virus that causes rage.

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After activists break into an animal research facility, a powerful psychological virus is unleashed on the British public with horrific results. Directed by Danny Boyle and produced by Andrew Macdonald (previous collaborations include Trainspotting & Shallow Grave), with a debut screenplay by Alex Garland (The Beach).

Transmitted in a drop of blood and devastating within seconds, the virus locks the infected victim into a permanent state of murderous rage, with no natural instincts other than to kill. Twenty eight days after the virus hits, Jim (Cillian Murphy, Disco Pigs) awakens from a coma in a deserted hospital, amidst a desolate London. At first completely baffled by what he sees, Jim walks around the haunting city trying to find signs of life, until he enters a church and is swiftly set upon by one of the infected.

Rescued by Selena (Naomie Harris, White Teeth), one of the few un-infected people left, they join forces with Frank (Brendan Gleeson, The General) and his daughter Hannah (Megan Burns, Liam), and together attempt to leave London and find salvation elsewhere. Having followed a recorded radio message, they find a group of soldiers outside Manchester led by Major Henry West (Christopher Eccleston, The Second Coming), who have set up a military base in an empty mansion. Thinking they are safe from harm, it quickly transpires that they have much more than the virus to worry about...

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Digital Masterpiece

Those who saw the original "Dawn of the Dead", will agree, zombie movies have come a long way, and is almost nearing perfection, although, this one isn't so much a zombie movie, but the writer to my opinion did fool around with the idea, and those of Mr. Romero and his friends. 28 Days Later was the first movie to be shot entirely with a digital movie recorder (thanks Joe!), as you might have noticed if you saw the movie on the big screen. The sound and visuals wasn't that brilliant, but back home you won't notice the difference between this movie and the next! 28 Days contains everything that a good (or bad) horror flick needs, deserted hospitals, dead bodies, lots of blood and of course, lots of zombies! Overall a great production, another triumph for Danny Boyle and for independent movies. It is truly scary and graphical, the people sitting next to me in the theatre, left after only 15 minutes, so be warned. In the end, human endurance triumphs over the virus and the rage!


The copy at my local MrVideo outlet is never booked out. No one seems to give much attention to this film at all. Why?! They cinematography is great and its really tense stuff. I love British comedy but their horror is sometimes even better. The features on this film include an interesting documentary, deleted scenes and a rather boring commentary track. I love the fact that there is no real happy ending, no hero that saves the day! Just death and empty victories... A refreshing change from all that Hollywood spam... All of you who did the 2year London thing will find the scenes in a deserted city, M25 and A2 fascinating. For goodness sake people, this is ”Trainspotting” meets “the Beach” how can it not be good? The sad fact is that it’s NOT AS good as the abovementioned film & book. But it IS still GOOD.


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