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Director Francis Ford Coppola returns to the original source of the Dracula myth, and from that gothic romance, he creates a modern masterpiece. It follows the tortured journey of the devastatingly seductive Transylvanian Prince (Gary Oldman) as he moves from Eastern Europe to 19th century London in search of his long lost love Elisabeta (Winona Ryder), who is reincarnated as the beautiful Mina. Anthony Hopkins co-stars as the famed Doctor Van Helsing and Keanu Reeves is Jonathan Harker who is forced to fight the dark forces of Dracula for the love of Mina. Visually stunning, passionately seductive and utterly irresistible, this is Dracula as you've never seen him before - a powerful and poignant vampire whose yearning for human love ultimately proves his undoing.

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Collectors Edition
Hungarian, Polish, Czech, Arabic, Bulgarian, Croatian, English, Greek, Romanian, Slovene, Turkish
Duration (sec):
Francis Ford Coppola
Special Features:
Special Features Disc One:
  • High Definition transfer
  • Film Introduction: Watch Bram Stoker''s Dracula with Francis Coppola
  • Full-Length Director''s Audio Commentary
Disc Two:
  • The Blood is the Life - The Making of Dracula
  • The Costumes are the Sets - The Design of Eiko Ishioka
  • In-Camera - The Naive Visual Effects of Dracula
  • Method and Madness - Visualizing Dracula
Region 2

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