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The extra features on the second disc of the Collector's Edition of National Treasure are straightforward and slim--which is surprising, considering that the first disc features codes that unlock extra levels, connecting with the themes of the movie itself. The three making-of featurettes are banal; once you learn that the scenes on the frozen ship were shot inside of a giant refrigerator, you've got the most interesting tidbit. Fortunately, the short documentary about the history of ciphers holds interesting historical information (as opposed to Riley's Decode This! on the first disc, which was nothing more than an excuse for some interactive puzzles). But the best extra is a compilation of deleted scenes; though quite short, they reveal the meticulousness that goes into creating a big silly action movie. Director Jon Turteltaub comes across as good-natured, enthusiastic guy in his introductions and commentary. A nice glimpse of some witty moments that ended up being sacrificed for the sake of headlong speed.

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