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Nelson Mandela - The Journey

Mandela's journey, recounting Madiba's magic on Country, City, Prison and President.
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Mandela's journey, recounting Madiba's magic on Country, City, Prison and President.

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  • Country – The unique story of Nelson Mandela’s early years. Born in one of the most rural parts of South Africa, Mandela is adopted by Thembu royalty after the death of his father, but the lure of the city is far more powerful than the prospect of an aristocratic lifestyle in the country, and Mandela flees to Johannesburg.

  • City – The formidable racial prejudice that Nelson Mandela encounters on moving to Johannesburg, South Africa’s biggest city, leads to his rapid politicisation and fervent campaigning against apartheid. The programme charts the events that began one of the most legendary civil rights campaigns of the 20th century.

  • Rivonia – A compelling account of Nelson Mandela’s secret life in the under-ground as he spearheads the anti-apartheid movement in an increasingly volatile political environment, and of the circumstances behind the decisions to launch an armed struggle and his eventual capture and trial which lead to life imprisonment.

  • Prison – An uncompromising insight into the darkest days of Mandela’s life as he becomes the world’s most famous prisoner. Despite lengthy incarceration in an apartheid prison, Nelson Mandela overcomes indignity and harshness to begin the negotiations that will eventually lead to a democratic South Africa.

  • President – A fascinating film revisiting the seminal moment in global politics that captured the imagination of the world. The events that transpire as Mandela triumphs over gruelling political negotiations, widespread violence and personal tragedy to become South Africa’s first black president.
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