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The final season of Will And Grace is here! But dry your eyes and turn off the Gloria Gaynor as there's still bucket loads of laughs to enjoy before your favourite foursome ride off into the sunset.

From Will's gay penguin crusade to Jack's soaring career on OutTV and Grace's arranged marriage to Karen's secret career a shady slums-landlord, this final set of wacky adventures is the funniest yet.

If this isn't enough to heal your hurt, Season 8 also features two live episodes and a special appearance from Britney Spears amongst others!

Includes episodes:

  • Alive And Schticking
  • I Second That Emotion Steams Like Old Time
  • The Hole Truth
  • Love Is In The Airplane
  • Birds Of A Feather Boa
  • Swish Out Of Water
  • A Little Christmas Queer
  • Von Trapped
  • Bathroom Humour
  • Forbidden Fruit
  • Cop To It
  • I Love L. Gay
  • The Definition Of Marriage
  • Grace Expectations
  • Cowboys And Iranians
  • Buy Buy Baby
  • Blanket Apology
  • The Mourning Son
  • Partners n' Crime
  • Whatever Happened To Baby Gin?
  • The Finale
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    Season 8(4 Discs)
    Region 2

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