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Battlefield 4

Battlefield 4 is a first person shooter set in 2020. It offers realistic gameplay, in real time, in large-scale destructible environments. Partake in intense co-op missions and infantry combat like never before.

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Battlefield 4 is a first person shooter set in 2020. It offers realistic gameplay, in real time, in large-scale destructible environments. Partake in intense co-op missions and infantry combat like never before.

Long description

Battlefield 4 will engage you in a challenging story campaign in single player or multiplayer mode. The huge destructible environments, improvements in vehicles and weapons allow you to combat by sea, air and land.

New modes of have been added into game play, in addition to battle packs. Battle packs are in game features containing weapon accessories, XP boosts, as well as character customizations. They create a new layer with regards to options, with the element of chance. Battlefield 4 is a premier multiplayer experience in which you can have up to 64 players.

In multiplayer mode you are able to play within one of the three factions: US, China and Russia. In multiplayer you can use command mode to give orders to your teammates team play is encouraged. Additional modes are available in single player as well, in addition to rush and conquest experience levolution. Levolution is executed when an event is triggered in the map that dynamically changes the environment.

Examples of levolution include an island storm that changes the landscape and obscures vision; a falling support pillar that traps an enemy tank; and a collapsing skyscraper. Obliteration mode is a new mode that is map based; find bombs on the map and deliver them to specific destination. Use dual scoped weapons with defining firing modes such as single shots and auto fire. You can spot targets mark targets on map to suppress or eliminate enemies.

BF4 has more survival capabilities; you can counter melee attacks while standing or crouching, in addition you can shoot while swimming or dive underwater to avoid detection. Choose from a selection of vehicles to move across battlefield in single player mode. Battlefield fans are in for the battle of their lives.

In Battlefield 4 only the fittest survive. Experience the innovative strategic combat like never before.

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Good game, fast service

Happy with the game and the prize was good! Service was quick!

Excellent Game!

A lot of the gameplay has changed from BF3. BF4 is a bit more challenging and just as fun if not more than BF3. A must buy for a group of friends.

Awesome Game, Excellent Service!

This game (and certainly price) is worth every cent and I recommend it to any one who enjoys first person shooters. The gameplay, logistics, realism and graphics is outstanding! Buying this game (and all my other orders) with Kalahari's cheapest prices, excellent service and fast delivery (not to mention free) has been a wonderful experience. Keep up the great service!

Lots of fun, lots of bugs

When it works it's great fun but let down by post release crashes and bugs. Hopefully they'll fix it sooner rather than later.

fantastic game, great service from kalahari! thanks

Kan die beste BF game wees as EA net die game kan regmaak,PC restart tusssen matches.

Good game, excellent service, and fast delivery


Always had fun with BF3 now to start with BF4 Excellent game . Great fun

The best FPS ever made

Nothing comes close to the amazing infantry based gameplay, the sheer immensity of the maps, vehicular combat and rewarding teamplay. This one is worth every cent and I would recommend this to anyone who likes FPS games or anyone wanting a new challenge. Destruction, amazing graphics and sound and every other facet of this game stands head and shoulders above the rest. This is Battlefield! ps... Charles - Fix your PC.

Must have for all fans of FPS gaming.

I've played the beta extensively, and it truly is an amazing game. There were performance issues, yes, but they were completely fixed for me after one of the updates. The gunplay, vehicles and map design is wonderful. Anyone who played BF3 will feel right at home, and be able to appreciate the numerous improvements that DICE have made. Constant updates and continued support for the game is also a plus, and premium membership is a must have for hardcore fans. The additional cost is vastly justified by the sheer amount of content that is made available to you. Origin really is not such a bad aspect of the game, I have had problems with it in the past, but no more than what I have experienced with Steam.

for everyone that struggles with Origin, try investing in better internet. origin out performs steam 10 fold. I game 25 hours a week and have never had problems with BF3, origin or any other game on origin. bf4 will be epic and finally become greatest fps franchise of all time, but if you are a cod fan, please don't buy bf4 cause you are ruining our game

Bother to buy this game

Had a few hiccups with Origin, not quite as polished as Steam is (but then Steam has had many more years to get to the state it's in). But all things considered, only had a few Origin problems, and for the most part it works fine. 5 Stars because if I even spend half as much time on this as I did in BF3, it's a bargain for the price. Also, you can't beat the graphics/sound.

Don't bother buying this game

Let's be clear, I have BOUGHT Battlefield THREE, and have possibly been able to play it for a few hours in the last few months, entirely due to the utterly frustrating and completely useless "Origin" program that controls it. For those that don't know, Origin is the equivalent to Steam, except, instead of managing your playing stats and launching the game for you, it keeps opening a website which requires you to log in, in order to play the game. However, only twice in the possibly 2 dozen times I've tried to play the game that I BOUGHT, has Origin actually allowed me to play the game. Otherwise, it either tells me I need to install the game, or simply farms me to another login window, despite me ticking the box to remember me. The only thing that I am guaranteed to see every time I TRY to play the game, is advertising for Battlefield 4, which I will clearly never buy since I have not been able to get any reasonable time in for Battlefield 3 that I PAID for. Which is why I am writing this review, to warn everyone that this is most likely going to be a frustrating experience. If you don't believe me, read many thousands of other reviews in Google about Origin.


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