Looney Tunes Cartoon Concerto

Nintendo DS

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A Rhythm-Action game like no other, Looney Tunes: Cartoon Concerto puts the player in the role of the conductor who must tap, drag and swipe in time with the music to ensure the music and the cartoon scenes are carried out hitch free. In your role as musical conductor, attempt to keep time for an orchestra featuring beloved Looney Tunes characters and interpretations of famous music featured throughout the show. Visual cues on the top screen of the DS will help you keep your stylus strokes on the touch screen in time with the music. As the musical numbers progress, humorous events unfold which will challenge your ability to keep in step and properly direct the orchestra members. If you mis-time a stroke, the orchestra¿s performance will suffer. If the quality of the performance declines too much, the characters won¿t be able to perform their scenes correctly and problems with the set may occur. Your future as a famous conductor will be finished!!

  • Lively and dynamic music - conduct all of the music made famous from the episodes and help recreate the famous events from the cartoons.
  • Hilarious antics from all of the popular and famous Looney Tunes characters
  • 18 levels each with 3 difficulty levels.

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