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gobii Leatherette Cover for 7" Black eReader

The Black leatherette cover is a perfect way to protect your gobii 7" eReader from scratches and dust, purchase one today!

Compatible with the gobii 7" Black eReader. Snuggly secures your gobii eReader.

  • Snuggly secures your gobii eReader
  • Sturdy Stylish black leatherette exterior
  • Protects your gobii eReader
  • Soft interior protects screen from scratches

    * Gobii eReader and Gobii wall charger not included
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    Tablet Accessories

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    The Black leatherette cover is a perfect way to protect your gobii 7" eReader from scratches and dust, purchase one today!

    Compatible with the gobii 7" Black eReader. Snuggly secures your gobii eReader.

  • Snuggly secures your gobii eReader
  • Sturdy Stylish black leatherette exterior
  • Protects your gobii eReader
  • Soft interior protects screen from scratches

    * Gobii eReader and Gobii wall charger not included
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    Great value for money

    Leather cover for my Cobii.

    Nice to have - protects my Cobii - handy as well as it closes like a book cover - no hassles.

    7"Black eReader Leatherette cover

    Bought it for the ereader I got for my husband. He loves it because it protects his surprise gift

    Leatherette Cover for eReader

    It is perfect to protect your eReader from scratching, etc.


    I like the hard cover, but the fact that it doesn't close (it looks similar to a book with a flip cover) detracts from it. I carry my e-reader in my handbag, and actually switched back to the free neoprene cover I got for free with my purchase. I cannot decide whether it was worth buying this cover.


    it is worth the money / effort cause it just keeps the screen the way i prefer it..... in one piece - the pouch is ok to for soft protection if it stays at home, but it is not protected without the Leatherette pouch - then it can escout you any where :)

    Gobii eReader Cover

    Absolutely love it! Keep my eReader screen safe from scratching. Easy to use.

    Leatherette cover

    Well designed.

    Gobii Leatherette Cover

    This is a very durable and user-friendly little product.

    Leatherette cover for Gobi reader

    Fabulous product - protects my reader and looks great

    gobii Leatherette Cover for 7" Black eReader

    Very good to have and protects the E Reader from damage and also acts as a stand when watching a movie.

    Gobii Cover

    Happy with my cover

    gobii Leather Cover not required

    The gobii eReader comes with a great pouch for the eReader. This isnt mentioned on the accessories which come with the gobii eReader, so you assume you need a cover. The cover is rather awkard to hold and just increases the overall size quite a bit. Everytime you pull the eReader out of the cover, it will push the power button, so you either turning it off or on when you dont intend that to happen. Its not worth buying especially since you get a great pouch already.

    gobii Cover

    Great value for money fits the gobii perfect , off market pouches does not work only buy the true gobii cover as sold here.


    Loving the leatherette cover, it makes using my Gobii so much easier and a big up to Kalahari for allowing me such an easy and fast purchase.

    Good product

    Keeps the e-reader protected when in use. I am very happy with this product.

    gobii Leatherette Cover

    I have really, really waisted my money on this product. The gobii falls out and is not protected at all - thus totally useless

    Gobbi cover

    I'm very happy with this product and it keeps my Gobbi snug, save and scratch free


    Functional protective cover.

    gobii leatherette

    Very Happy Pleasure to read and fold away with leatherette

    gobii case

    It is good to have a case however, this one is stupidly designed. Should has a tab with a press stud fastener to provent it flapping around. Also needs a carry strap. Because it has neither, I find it overpriced. The good points are that it does serve to offer some protection to the device and that I like the material it is made of. I have made another pouch that the whole thing fits into, which also carries the charger and earphones. This is how it SHOULD be

    Kalahari.com service

    I was astounded to receive my order 1 day after ordering it. Well done on a most efficient delivery service

    Gobii cover

    The cover fits my Gobii perfectly, a very good buy

    Gobii Leather Cover

    Great product. Protect Gobii reader very well

    Waited for the pre order but are very happy with it.

    gobii Leatherette Cover for 7" Black eReader

    Very good very happy

    gobii Leatherette cover

    A bit disappointed. the gobii does not fit comfortably in the cover.

    Gobii Cover

    Helps protect the Gobii, however it does slid and I need to keep puching it in. Also I feel that the side (spine) could cover the length of the Gobii

    The cover looks good, but it would help if I had the reader.

    Kevin Richards

    I finally have one. I think its great. It certainly was quick of Khalahari.com to deliver within the specified time and I appreciate it.

    Fits perfectly and protects the screen whilst not in use.

    gobii Leatherette Cover for 7" Black eReader

    The cover somehow isn't a perfect fit but it's not a huge hassle so...it's great.

    Gobi Leatherette Cover

    Perfect for Gobii 7" Reader.

    Gobii Leatherette Cover

    A must have item

    Shopping at Kalahari.com

    I can recommend Kalahari.com for online shopping. Their prompt delivery service, excellent products, easy way to place orders and make payments is of the highest standard.

    Gobii 7" Leatherette Cover

    I'm very impressed with this cover. It protects the Gobi and is very comfortable when holding the Gobi. It folds back on itself very neatly so you can either read the Gobi like an open book or fold the cover back.

    gobii cover

    this is great for the gobii which i bought at the same time. would like to see more colours [at the same price] though.

    7"Gobii cover

    It's great that I now have something to protect my screen.... only problem is that I have the bigger gobii which I can't get a cover for, so I have bent back the one side of the cover so that the controls stick out.... beter to have the screen protected than nothing at all :)

    Gobii cover

    This item was a present for my daughter-in-law and she loved it. It keeps her Gobii reader safe from scratches and is comfortable when reading. Delivery was quick and efficient. Thank you

    Gobi Cover


    Gobii Leatherette Cover

    This cover is awesome and is exactly what I needed to complete my Gobii eReader. It looks so classy, and I am so glad I decided to buy one.

    Love the cover

    Stylish, nice and neat, a must add on for the gobii e-reader!

    The best

    Man what a cover it is so easy to handle and soft to the touch I am so happy I purchased the cover as well. You wont be sorry if you buy it

    Gobii reader and cover

    I ADORE my Gobii and cover - never thought I would get into e-books but I am.

    Gobii Leatherette Cover 7" Black eReader

    It looks very nice and is better protection when travelling, but I find the neoprene cover that comes with the Gobii more practical for everyday use. Neoprene is smaller and easier to handle.

    Gobii Leatherette Cover for 7"black eReader

    Good quality product - not been used yet as kept as a gift

    Gobii Leatherette Cover for 7" Black eReader

    It's a wonderful product and protects the gobi.


    Great value for money! I can't get enough of my new toy! Vids are crisp on screen and sound quality is good. Only negative is a bit of shlepp with Kalahari reader when wanting to load & change books, but works great with pdf files as well.

    Gobii Leatherette Cover for 7" Black E Reader

    It's great, so glad I bought it Fits so snug and it protects the E Reader

    e book reader

    hello i bourght the e reader for my wife and she loves it and enjoys reading the books on the e reader

    Leatherett cover

    Please accept this review for all the items. Thanks

    gobii reader

    very good

    Gobii Cover

    Very impressed!

    gobi ereader leatherette cover

    The e-reader cover is the best and it protects the Gobii sufficiently.

    Professional Service

    My purchase was handled very professionally from: 1. my choice of item, 2.order, 3.payment(completely secured), 4.tracking of item, 5.delivery(incl a courtesy call to make sure they have the right person)to 6.the amazing record of every step taken to insure the speedy snd cost effective hand over of your purchase. Your company really has the WOW factor when it comes to online shopping. Thank-You so much and may you have a blessed festive season ending this year.

    Gobii leather cover review

    It is a good little product, and protects my e reader quite well. I just wish the front cover had little magnets or some small clip to keep it from moving.

    Gobii ereader cover

    Very happy with the cover. It looks smart and protects my ereader in my handbag or briefcase. Snazzie.

    Gobii E-Reader

    Am delighted with my purchase - it is all I was hoping it would be. Price was very competitive, the product itself is awesome and the delivery was incredibly prompt. The whole transaction went off without a problem.

    gobii leatherette cover for 7" black eReader

    It's great and protects my eReader.

    gobi Leatherette Cover for 7" Black eReader

    Definately not worth the money paid for it

    Gobii Leatherette Cover



    Great product and I must commend Kalahari.com on their excellent service again. They have not disappointed me yet.


    The service I received from Kalahari was outstanding - delivery excellent, product is great. Keep up the good customer service.

    E Reader and Cover

    This is the 3rd E-Reader I have purchased. One for myself and 2 as presents. We are all very happy with our purchases. It is very light to travel with especially when you are going on holiday.

    gobi Leather Cover for 7" Black eReader

    Great , super Quality



    Gobi Cover

    You simply can't have the one without the other.

    Review of gobii cover

    Very good

    gobii Leatherette Cover for 7" Black eReader

    This keeps your e reader dust free and makes it look even more like a book

    A good idea to have

    The Gobii Leatherette cover is a must to protect your reader.A good buy

    Can be better

    The gobii leatherette cover for 7" black eReader is nice and strong, BUT will be great if it had a clip to fasten the cover if not in use. Currently I am using a rubber band to keep it together when it is in my handbag.

    Love the gobi

    Love the Gobi. Good buy

    Black eReader Leatherette Cover

    Love it!!

    Love it!

    Thank you. I love my Gobii eReader and the leather cover I bought for it.

    Excellent buy

    What an excellent buy!! The cover protects the Gobii from scratches, etc. Absolutely love it.

    Gobii Leatherette

    For the price it is good. I just get warried sometimes that it might fall out, but it never does.

    gobii Leatherette Cover for 7" Black eReader

    Lovely cover for the Gobii and excellent service from Kalahari, as usual. Thanks.

    Gobii Leatherette Cover for eReader

    A must have for all eReader owners, a great buy.

    Gobii and Gobii Cover

    I am absolutely enthralled with the Gobii and the Cover. This gadet is small and very comfortable to use and I absolutely love it. The best thing ever.

    Gobii leatherette cover

    Gobii cover does the job

    Gobii Cover

    Absolute brilliant buy for your Gobii, keeps it snug and safe from scratches

    Gobii Cover

    Not much you can say about the Gobii cover other than it does the job.


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