200 Km / Hr In The Wrong Lane


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Disk 1

  • 1. Not Gonna Get Us.
  • 2. All The things She Said.
  • 3. Show Me Love.
  • 4. 30 Minutes.
  • 5. How Soon Is Now?.
  • 6. Clowns (Can You See Me Now?)
  • 7. Malchik Gay
  • 8. Stars
  • 9. Ya Shosla S Uma
  • 10. Nas Ne Dagonait
  • 11. Show Me Love
  • 12. 30 Minutes (Remix)
  • 13. Ne Ver, Ne Boisia

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Ruski Love

Sensual, exciting, pounding music. I gets my vote as the best album of the new year. One can easily become jaded to all the teenage angst and all the "nobody understands us" nonsense. We've all been through it and countless generations to come will have similar worries. These two Russian girls however are really convincing as the true lonely, confused lovers so many poets and movie directors have tried to capture in their lore. Unfortunately their high pitched voices become a bit irksome after a while. Track 7 has potential if only we could get rid of Alvin and the Chipmunk choir. The Russian versions of tracks 1 & 2 are cool and there are two videos on the disc that require a computer with QuickTime. Not just for lesbians! Everyone should buy this album right now!


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