Best Of SA Pop - Vol.1

Various Artists

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Disk 1

  • 1. Tulips For 'toinette - Jonny Kongos & The G Men.
  • 2. Heart - Gene Rockwell.
  • 3. Ag Pleez Daddy - Jeremy Taylor.
  • 4. Timothy - Carike Keuzenkamp.
  • 5. Picking Up Pebbles - Cornelia.
  • 6. Sunglasses - Hilary
  • 7. Lazy Life - Quentin E. Klopjaeger
  • 8. Katrina's Theme - Jill Kirkland
  • 9. The Wedding - Jody Wayne
  • 10. I'll Walk With You - Sean Rennie
  • 11. Zanzibar - Wanda Arletti
  • 12. Seagull's Name Was Nelson - Des & Dawn Lindberg
  • 13. Put Your Hand In The Hand - Alan Garrity
  • 14. Sunday, Monday, Tuesday - Jessica Jones
  • 15. Clap Your Hands, Stamp Your Feet - Maria
  • 16. I Don't Wanna Play House - Barbara Ray
  • 17. Kentucky Blues - Lauren Copley
  • 18. Toy Train - John Edmond
  • 19. She's A Woman - Neil Herbert
  • 20. Little Jimmy - Gwenyth Ashley-Robin
  • 21. You Ask Me To - Bobby Angel
  • 22. Ramaya - Glenys Lynne
  • 23. One More Angel In Heaven - Richard Loring
  • 24. Heidi - Peter Lotis

Disk 2

  • 1. No School Tomorrow - Dana Valery.
  • 2. Chapel Of Love - June Muscat.
  • 3. Darling It's Wonderful - Virginia Lee.
  • 4. Goodbye My Love - Murray Campbell.
  • 5. All The Time - Quinsey.
  • 6. Turn Around - Ken J. Larkin
  • 7. Ain't Love A Funny Thing - Sam Evans
  • 8. Sweet Maria - Gert Potgieter
  • 9. Sally Sunshin - Clive Bruce-Reed
  • 10. Vicky - Lance James
  • 11. Hello A - Sharon Tandy & Billy Forrest
  • 12. Tchip Tchip - Dan Hill
  • 13. I Wanna Live - Tommy Oliver
  • 14. Private Number - Lionel Petersen
  • 15. Storybook Children - Sammy Brown
  • 16. Don't Play It No More - Don Stanton
  • 17. Tears On The Telephone - Gerry Grayson & Debbie
  • 18. A Million Drums - Dennis East
  • 19. Twinkle Toes - Roy Bulkin
  • 20. Face Of An Angel - Clive Risko
  • 21. Teddy Bear - Tommy Dell
  • 22. Alaska - Mali Kelly
  • 23. Don't Fly Too High - Joanna Field
  • 24. Count The Red Cars - Penny Croft

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The anthology

I’ve never come across such a comprehensive collection of South African Pop on any album before. And even if you don’t remember all of them, the compilations all contain notes on the songs and the artists, which makes for great reading while you “refresh” your mind of a time gone by. You really get to grips with the wide range of musical influences in the country over a period of decades, and you’ll hear how far we have actually come since the very early hits made it to the airwaves. You’ll know Bright Blue’s “Weeping” and Evoid “Shadows” and even Lesley Rae Dowling is there with the “Spaniard”. Little Sister and Mango Groove are here too. But then there’s Squeal (Remember them?) Slam Factory and Celtic Rumours, and Sons of Trout (Not on CD since “Get the Funk Out” magazine disappeared). And then there’s suddenly Jeremy Taylor, 4 Jacks and a Jill and we jump to Henry Ate, Lucky Dube, Coleske and Sugadrive. What about Dennis East? (I still have a vinyl single of his that came free with a Talk Magazine) and there’s Watershed, and MarcAlex. And then there are singles I’ve been trying to get on CD for aaaaages. Like Julian Laxton’s “Blue Water” (I have it now) and Pocket Lips “It’s Incredible”… yes I had them on tape… most of them recorded off the radio onto a TDK 90min cassette, so now it's a joy to have them in digital at last. Someone took a long time assembling these songs into this collection as it stands. No its not a greatest hits of SA Music, but its close. But the music is stronger than that, it gives you a glimpse into another time of South African history, you’ll remember where you were when you listened to these songs, when they first came out and what was happening in our country politically, and socially. You’ll remember the POP Shop, the old OK Bazaars Music bar, Personality Magazine, and pictures of pin-up girls with stars covering their breasts. You’ll remember border duty, Ford Cortinas and simulcast on “Radio Twee Duisend” TV shows. Yes its amazing what a bit of nostalgia does for you, and for that, this collection is priceless.

Best of SA Pop Vol1


Excellent belatedly

Way back then all SA music was a no go area for me, because of the politics and the group areas act that kicked my family out of our home. But at the back of my mind I was enjoying some of the music I heard on the radio when passing through. Now that things are relatively nornal, I eventually ventured into listening intensely to SA music. This album is SUPERB,a delightful trip of catching up on what was enjoyable at the time. Some nostalgia as well, recalling some songs my late mum use to hum or sing. The production quality was not tops at the time, but this ia a wonderful testament of the growth of SA music, from the 1960's until today in 2007.


This is the best true South African I have ever heard. It has come to the stage where I do not want to get out of my car while the CD is in. A must in any CD collection not just South African music.


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