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Arthur Fagen
Bohuslav Martinu

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Disk 1

  • 1. Chinese Democracy.
  • 2. Shackler's Revenge.
  • 3. Better.
  • 4. Street Of Dreams.
  • 5. If The World.
  • 6. There Was A Time
  • 7. Catcher In The Rye
  • 8. Scraped
  • 9. Riad N' The Bedouins
  • 10. Sorry
  • 11. I.R.S.
  • 12. Madagascar
  • 13. This I Love
  • 14. Prostitute

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Do not judge this album on one listen alone

This is easily one of the best albums I have heard this millenium. This is an album that has so much going on that some might casually dismiss this album as "overproduced". I would rather say that this album will unfold layers to you over time and will definitely grow on you with each listen. The songs are not structured according to your typical verse-chorus-verse format. The melody in the verse are at times more catchy than the actual chorus. Sometimes the post-chorus or breakdown section is the catchiest, but never the less, the album truely ROCKS(a word that has started to lose it's meaning in this appaling era of Disney Rock) This album is no Appetite for Destruction. Where other Hard Rock Veterans like ACDC and Metallica returned to their tried and tested formula, AXL Rose ventures forward with a sonic onslaught that fuses different styles from rock, to flamenco to industrial. If you enjoyed Use You Illusions albums, then you will absolutely love this album. I will simply say that this is the greatest album of the year.


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