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Andriette Norman was one of 2007's top 3 Idols and so has already earned a substantial fanbase throughout the country. With her incredible voie and strong performances Andriette was the proverbial iron fist in a velvet glove. Even Mr. Nasty Himself, Idols judge Randall Abrahams, gave her his stamp of approval by saying that she was the best singer ever to enter Idols. With her debut album DIAMANT, Andriette is going to prove that she is without a doubt one of the best voices ever to come out of South Africa.

The album is predominantly Afrikaans, but there are also a handful of English hit songs on it. "Most of the Afrikaans songs are written for the album by well known song writers like Andre Swiegers and William Loots. We also did a new song "Neem My Op Vlerke". I am sure people are going to love the album", says Andriette. Steve Hofmeyr has also contributed to the album, "Hoekom Bly Jy Staan (Napoleon)". Andriette describes the music as country rock and there is a good mix of up-tempo dance tunes and strong ballads.

A Suzi Quatro medlet and Alannah Myles' "Black Velvet" are some of the English hit songs getting special Andriette treatment. It might be to soon to predict a hit song, but if Andriette has to take a chance and make a prediction, it will be "Se Dit Weer". Andriette worked with some of the country's top musicians on DIAMANT including Juan "Floors" Oosthuizen and Jasper van Rensburg. The producers are Junior Botha and Byron Kunts. With this album Andriette is set to prove she is anything but an unpolished diamond.

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Vat 5 Musiek

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Disk 1

  • 1. Se Dit Weer
  • 2. Ek En Jy
  • 3. Hei Daar
  • 4. Black Velvet
  • 5. Hoekom Bly Jy Staan
  • 6. Hart Se Punt
  • 7. Storm In My Hand
  • 8. Diamant
  • 9. Nou Dat Jy Weg Is
  • 10. Neem My Op Vlerke
  • 11. Be Ba Be Lula
  • 12. I Love Rock And Roll / Fire / She's In Love With You / If You Can't Give Me Love

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Waar moet 'n mens die lys van snitte besigtig? Die CD sal tog nie verkoop as jy nie weet waarna jy gaan luister nie. 1. Hey Daar 2. Black Velvet 3. Se Dit Weer 4. Neem My Op Vlerke 5. Napoleon 6. Diamant 7. Nou dat jy weg is 8. Ek en jy 9. You needed me 10. Hart se punt 11. Storm in my hart 12. Be-ba-be-lula Chick Medley: 13. a) I love rock ‘n roll 14. b) Fire 15. c) She’s in love with you 16. d) If you can’t give me love


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