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Arcangelo Corelli

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Disk 1

  • 1. The Age.
  • 2. Vice Versa.
  • 3. Silence.
  • 4. Immortal.
  • 5. Treasure Box.
  • 6. The Titan
  • 7. Beauty Queen
  • 8. Monition
  • 9. False Contact
  • 10. Open Tragedy
  • 11. Iona
  • 12. Haze
  • 13. A World Within
  • 14. Above The Abyss

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Probably one of the best bands to emerge outside of the bellville-dominated SA alternative rock scene. A fresh "prog" sound for this country, unique time signatures, incredible drumming, and jazz inspired bass riffs fat enough to make you stop and say "jeeeezlyk!!!". A great showcase of their collective talents, we really can expect big things! For fans of Mars Volta, QOTSA, Mew, Muse, Oceansize, Incubus, Jeff Buckly, The Police. Oh, and Kidofdoom of course!!


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