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Warner Brothers

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Disk 1

  • 1. Don't Stay
  • 2. Somewhere I Belong
  • 3. Lying From You
  • 4. Papercut
  • 5. Points Of Authority
  • 6. Runaway
  • 7. Faint
  • 8. From The Inside
  • 9. Figure 09
  • 10. With You
  • 11. By Myself
  • 12. P5hng Me A*wy
  • 13. Numb
  • 14. Crawling
  • 15. In The End
  • 16. A Place For My Head
  • 17. One Step Closer

Disk 2

  • 1. Somewhere I Belong
  • 2. Lying From You
  • 3. Papercut
  • 4. Points Of Authority
  • 5. Runaway
  • 6. Faint
  • 7. From The Inside
  • 8. P5hng Me A*wy
  • 9. Numb
  • 10. Crawling
  • 11. In The End
  • 12. One Step Closer

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Conversion at a scream

Before this album, I have to admit i was not at all impressed with Linkin Park. I was also very sceptic about listening to this album, mainly because I thought LP were very much bound to the studio (with all the effects and such). That is until I decided to give this monster a spin. They start it off quite by-the-book, keeping to most riffs and staying true to the CD with 'Somewhere I Belong'. Then the magic begins with 'Papercut'. Wow. Mr. Hahn and the rest of the band are completely in sync and on time, never missing a beat. Chester bursts through every now and then with a throat-tearing screech at exactly the right moments. From there the album just gets better, with songs like 'Runaway' and 'Points Of Authority' getting the star treatment. The hilites of the CD are Faint, P5hng Me Aw*y and Crawling. Chester takes his voice to every possible limit on Faint, almost single-handedly blowing the speakers with his scream. This contrasts with the beautiful version of P5hng Me Aw*y. The melodies and harmonies are haunting and heartwrenching all at once. The beauty of the package, however, comes in with the DVD. With 5 extra songs (all of which are mind-blowing), it is entirely worth the purchase. Getting to see how Chester throws his body around stage when screeching is also an added bonus. With interesting backstage-footage (Chester actually smokes with that voice!) and a very well-put-together product overall, the DVD is extremely addictive. (I've watched it 5 times in one day...). Look out especially for 'A Place For My Head' as well as a cameo appearance from Lars Ulrich (Metallica drummer!). This is the album that changed my opinion of Linkin Park and instantly turned me into a die-hard fan. Go out and get it. Now.

Linkin Park ROCKS

Perfect lyrics,unique sound! The best band around!

LP Kick @$$ !!!

A really tight value for money package! LP's live performance is energetic and intense. The concert is filmed more like a music video than a live show (with lots of darting camera shots) which might make u a little dizzy after a while; but the sound and visual quality is very good. Chester's voice is FREAKISHLY PHENOMENAL! Some backstage interviews wouldve been nice, but still a really good buy.


I was seriously impressed with this cd/dvd combination. Chester's voice was outstanding (that man HAS a voice). Concert footage was done in a very tasteful manner - and it really makes one wish that Linkin Park would tour SA. Good value for money as well.


Great....LP is best live and the quality was excellent. Too bad that not all the tracks were cut on to the cd. Some great tracks for the hardcore fans are not on it. Watch the DVD and then listen to the is ab. electric. Could not believe that Chester's voice could hold out till the end, but it just got better. For the price, a true bargain for great music.


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