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Minutes To Midnight

Minutes to Midnight is the third studio album by American rock band Linkin Park. This album showed some change of genre of linkin park from nu metal to other experimental genres and this change was well greeted by fans.

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Minutes to Midnight is the third studio album by American rock band Linkin Park. This album showed some change of genre of linkin park from nu metal to other experimental genres and this change was well greeted by fans.

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Recording Type:
Studio recording
Warner Brothers
Duration (sec):
Jewel Box
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Disk 1

  • 1. Wake.
  • 2. Given Up.
  • 3. Leave Out All The Rest.
  • 4. Bleed It Out.
  • 5. Shadow Of The Day.
  • 6. What I've Done
  • 7. Hands Held High
  • 8. No More Sorrow
  • 9. Valentine's Day
  • 10. In Between
  • 11. In Pieces
  • 12. The Little Things Give You Away

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Minutes to Midnight

Love Lincoln Park, serious value for money!

Minute to Midnight

Delivery period was a bit delayd due to the fact that one of the other CD's was from third party.

Great album!

This was a great album. It is really different to the usual Linkin Park music, but in a very good way. It is nice to listen to when you are tired of usual music. Or anytime. There is a combination of all types of music, music that is the same as that on HT and M, but with a bit of softer music added. All the songs are great, with Wake starting the album, a nice wordless (all first songs are wordless) song with an amazing drum beat. I definetely recommend for any music lover to get this album - if you don't you'll wonder why. Some songs are different in a shocking way and you might wonder if it really is Linkin Park, but as soon as Chester starts singing, or um screaming, you know that you are listening to Linkin Park. It is a gentler, softer version of LP. Just because it is different doesn't mean it is bad. It is actually very, very good. The band wanted to step out of their usual comfort zone and explore different things, so they did the album in a different, breathtaking way. Not to mention that the photography and artwork inside is amazing, just like Mike Shinodas side project, Fort Minor. :-) If you don't have it, get it!!

This is absolutely awesome!!!!! Different from the others but amazingly fantastic. If you buy one album this entire year it should be this one.

Well worth the wait

Wow,what can i say, totally not what i expected, not the usual linkin park but more evolved, more thought pro@#$ing but still heavy,everything about 'minutes to midnight' is different to its predecessors, but after a few listens, i started warming up to it and the more brilliant it became,definately worth the wait, don't hesitate just get it,this will definately become a classic.


I bought this cd about 1 week ago. As i am a huge Linkin Park fan my expectations were very high for its been a long wait for this album. After a first few listens to the album i was very dissapointed, this is why: The beginning track is pretty good to start with. Then number 2 on the album, 'Given Up', sounds pretty much like the old stuff and is not too bad a song. The next song is absolutely brilliant. Then "Bleed It Out" is also OK. But "Shadow of the day" sounds like an excuse for a Linkin Park song, absolutely #*@% to be honest. 'What ive done' is pretty cool. "Hands held up" sucks, i bought the cd because im a heavy metal/rock type of guy. This is almost Hip Hop. Then the cd goes on with 2 good songs. "In Between" is the first actual song i heard Mike Shinoda sing, and it does not really go off well. "In Pieces" has got to be my favourite song on the cd!! Then the last song aint too bad. But after you have listened the whole cd, you'll be left saying: "Is that all?". After such a long wait with high expectations they produce a cd of which only half the songs are decent, plus the cd is barely 30 minutes long. What went wrong guys? I hope they will produce something better in the future. So if you are a LP fan, by all means buy this cd, but if this would be the first time you have heard of them, rather listen to Meteora first, then decide if you like it or not.

Severe change from the old stuff, but brilliant st

Wow, it's been quite a wait since Meteora, but Linkin Park does not dissapoint with their new studio album! As you can see from the logo's and imagery, the band has changed their image from top to bottom. Slicker, more mature and a bit more edgy overall. At first listen, you're not entirely sure what's going on.The opening track,'Wake' is not the usual Joe Hahn intro (like 'Session' on Meteora), but instead we're treated to a melodic guitar-driven intro. The band then immediately rips into which is (undeniably) one of the heaviest songs they've ever done: 'Given Up'. Gone are the electronic drum-beats and synthesized loops of Meteora! Pounding (actual) drums, searing guitars and the awesome power of Chester's voice also makes this one of their best songs to date!(Look out for Chester's 18-second scream!). The songs after this track are entirely non-Linkin Park (but in a good way!). Soft, melodic tracks follow (such as 'Leave Out All The Rest', 'Valentines Day' and 'In Pieces'. Later in the album we're treated to another heavy song, 'No More Sorrow', which would definitely be one of the hilites of the album. Some pleasant surprizes occur in songs like 'In Between'(where Shinoda actually SINGS!) and also the final track 'The Little Things Give You Away' which is filled with beautiful acoustic guitars, touching lyrics and amazing vocals! The weakest track would have to be 'Hands Held High', which sounds a bit much like Shinoda's side-project: Fort Minor. Overall this is an awesome album once you've given it a few listens (you only start truly appreciating it after about 4 spins). Pity because most Linkin Park fans (and other rock-fans) will probably discard it after the first listen or so (believe me, this is a HUGE change from Hybrid Theory and Meteora!).


It took a long time, but it shows the time and effort put into the album. Its a total new sound from them but its still Linkin Park. I hope u enjoy the album as much as i do, cuz if u dont u dont have any tast in music!!


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