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gobii 7" Colour LCD eReader Black

It's kalahari.com's #1 selling product for a reason.
Buy now and get stereo earphones, USB Cable for data transfer and charging, and Quickstart Guide!

Carry your library wherever you go!

7" LCD Backlit Widescreen Colour LCD (16:9)
with antiglare treatment. 800 x 480 resolution. Great for not only reading but watching video.

Storage space for up to 6000 eBooks
4GB Internal storage for up to 6000 eBooks. Supports all Adobe DRM PDF and ePub eBook formats. In addition, it has a microSD Card slot, which supports up to 16GB microSDHC cards.

Play movies & view photos
View normal & music slide shows. Zoom, rotate and pan images. Supports a wide range of video and image formats: JPG, BMP, GIF, PNG, AVI, MPG, MP4, MOV, MKV (XVID/H.264), RM/RMVB.

Listen to music and audio books
Shuffle, loop, repeat one and repeat all playback modes. ID3 tag and lyrics display. Natural, Pop, Classic, Jazz, Rock, Soft and user defined equaliser. Supports MP3, AAC, WAV, OGG, FLAC and WMA audio formats.


  • 7" Backlit LCD screen with antiglare treatment
  • 4GB Internal storage for up to 6000 ebooks
  • Supports all Adobe DRM PDF and ePub ebook formats
  • Not just for reading you can play music (store up to 1000 songs), watch movies or store photos
  • Listen to audio books
  • microSD Card slot (supports up to 16GB microSDHC card)

  • 7" LCD Backlit Widescreen Colour LCD (16:9) with antiglare treatment
  • 800 x 480 resolution


  • Built-in 4GB storage (storage for up to 6000 ebooks)
  • Micro SDHC Card slot supports up to 16GB


  • Supports Adobe DRM PDF, DRM ePub with reflow, TXT, FB2, PDB and RTF formats
  • Features bookmarking, slideshow (autoflip), music slideshow, zoom in/out, rotate screen with gSensor, flip page and multiple font sizes


  • Supports RM/RMVB, AVI, MKV (XVID/H.264), MPG, MP4, MOV and FLV video formats


  • Supports MP3, AAC, WAV, OGG, FLAC and WMA audio formats
  • ID3 tag and lyrics display support
  • Natural, Pop, Classic, Jazz, Rock, Soft and user defined equaliser modes
  • Shuffle, loop, repeat one and repeat all playback modes


  • Supports JPG, BMP, GIF and PNG image formats
  • Normal slideshow and music slideshow
  • Allows user to zoom, rotate and pan images


  • Built-in 2100mAh Lithium Polymer rechargeable battery
  • Charges via USB port
  • Time to fully charge: Approximately 6 hours


  • Micro USB 2.0 port
  • MicroSD card slot (up to 16GB mSDHC)
  • 3.5mm audio jack

    Package Contents:

  • gobii 7" Colour LCD eReader
  • USB Cable for data transfer and charging
  • Quickstart Guide
  • Stereo earphones

    System Requirements:

  • Windows 2000, XP, Vista or Windows 7, Mac OS X and above

    Storage based on 500KB per eBook

    Approximate Battery life:

  • Reading:up to 8 hours
  • Music:up to 10 hours (with backlight off)
  • eBook & Music:up to 6 hours
  • Video:up to 5 hours
  • Brand:

    Average customer rating:

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    It's kalahari.com's #1 selling product for a reason.
    Buy now and get stereo earphones, USB Cable for data transfer and charging, and Quickstart Guide!

    Carry your library wherever you go!

    7" LCD Backlit Widescreen Colour LCD (16:9)
    with antiglare treatment. 800 x 480 resolution. Great for not only reading but watching video.

    Storage space for up to 6000 eBooks
    4GB Internal storage for up to 6000 eBooks. Supports all Adobe DRM PDF and ePub eBook formats. In addition, it has a microSD Card slot, which supports up to 16GB microSDHC cards.

    Play movies & view photos
    View normal & music slide shows. Zoom, rotate and pan images. Supports a wide range of video and image formats: JPG, BMP, GIF, PNG, AVI, MPG, MP4, MOV, MKV (XVID/H.264), RM/RMVB.

    Listen to music and audio books
    Shuffle, loop, repeat one and repeat all playback modes. ID3 tag and lyrics display. Natural, Pop, Classic, Jazz, Rock, Soft and user defined equaliser. Supports MP3, AAC, WAV, OGG, FLAC and WMA audio formats.


  • 7" Backlit LCD screen with antiglare treatment
  • 4GB Internal storage for up to 6000 ebooks
  • Supports all Adobe DRM PDF and ePub ebook formats
  • Not just for reading you can play music (store up to 1000 songs), watch movies or store photos
  • Listen to audio books
  • microSD Card slot (supports up to 16GB microSDHC card)

  • 7" LCD Backlit Widescreen Colour LCD (16:9) with antiglare treatment
  • 800 x 480 resolution


  • Built-in 4GB storage (storage for up to 6000 ebooks)
  • Micro SDHC Card slot supports up to 16GB


  • Supports Adobe DRM PDF, DRM ePub with reflow, TXT, FB2, PDB and RTF formats
  • Features bookmarking, slideshow (autoflip), music slideshow, zoom in/out, rotate screen with gSensor, flip page and multiple font sizes


  • Supports RM/RMVB, AVI, MKV (XVID/H.264), MPG, MP4, MOV and FLV video formats


  • Supports MP3, AAC, WAV, OGG, FLAC and WMA audio formats
  • ID3 tag and lyrics display support
  • Natural, Pop, Classic, Jazz, Rock, Soft and user defined equaliser modes
  • Shuffle, loop, repeat one and repeat all playback modes


  • Supports JPG, BMP, GIF and PNG image formats
  • Normal slideshow and music slideshow
  • Allows user to zoom, rotate and pan images


  • Built-in 2100mAh Lithium Polymer rechargeable battery
  • Charges via USB port
  • Time to fully charge: Approximately 6 hours


  • Micro USB 2.0 port
  • MicroSD card slot (up to 16GB mSDHC)
  • 3.5mm audio jack

    Package Contents:

  • gobii 7" Colour LCD eReader
  • USB Cable for data transfer and charging
  • Quickstart Guide
  • Stereo earphones

    System Requirements:

  • Windows 2000, XP, Vista or Windows 7, Mac OS X and above

    Storage based on 500KB per eBook

    Approximate Battery life:

  • Reading:up to 8 hours
  • Music:up to 10 hours (with backlight off)
  • eBook & Music:up to 6 hours
  • Video:up to 5 hours
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    Customer reviews

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    Happy with it

    I have had my Gobii eReader now for a year. What a pleasant experience. Books work 100%. No eye-strain or any other complaints. It does what it says on the box. PDF files are a bit of a bother (4 stars not 5) if they are larger - 20Mb, but it is perfect for reading books. Remember, you get what you pay for, and then this is perfect!

    Love it

    Ek is mal oor my ereader! Ek hoop Kalahari gaan weer inkry want wil graag as geskenk vir ander koop.

    I love my Gobii eReader

    I love my Gobii eReader so much I bought the Tablet too. I really want to buy my sister one, so please get stock soon.

    Average performer

    As the saying goes, you get what you pay for. For the price it has a lot of features. My main disappointment is it cannot handle .pdf files well (magazines) - it is slow, auto-rotate doesn't work and the zoom isn't enough - it cannot handle the graphics and takes ages to turn pages. Navigation via d-pad is clumsy and slow. On a positive note, epub format books work very well and it is a lot quicker and the auto-rotate works great.


    I have always wanted one and at the price I could not resist. Love it I can read anywhere.

    Love it!!

    I love the Gobii. Really a good buy.

    Very Happy

    I am very happy with my Gobii and enjoy it a lot. I would just have liked the buttons to be lit up for night time reading. Also my Gobii sleeps at my bedside and I find it switching on and off by itself during the night which is very frustrating with the backside light going on and off. Can it perhaps be that it picks up my cell phone signal?

    great value for money

    I was looking for a cheap ebook reader. When this was going on special R400 I couldn't resist. I have only used it for reading ebooks so far and it is great. It reads pdf , epub, mobi and doc files also drm protected files. The battery life is also quite good

    Gobii e-reader

    I looove this! It's so light, and I can carry it around in my bag,read anytime, anywhere! Thanks!

    Waarde vir geld. Love my Gobii

    Good value

    The Gobii is hood value for money. I have problems downloading and transferring the data to the device. Had to contact the help line to get it right and I still do not get it right. When linked to the PC the navigation is a no-go so I cannot organise the device. The help section is clear as mud and illustrations do not correspond with the actual device.

    Ek is hoogs tevrede met die produk. Ek het egter in gebel en kon nie in Afrikaans gehelp word nie al het ek daarvoor gevra. Baie dankie.

    Gobi11 Great value

    Easy to use, battery life a bit short but remember to recharge regularly. Overall good product.

    Best thing ever

    I only recently got mine so i have only downloaded books. It is so easy to use. very user friendly.

    Gobii 7" Black Reader

    I was pleasantly surprised when I first held it in my hands, light and easy to hold. It took a couple of minutes to figure how it operated and was very impressed by it's functionality. This reader is like a featherweight punching in a heavyweight division.


    The reader is a fantastic investment. I bought it for my mom as a Mother's Day gift. She loves it. The range of video types it plays back as well is an added bonus. The only hassle is the earphones. They work great but we would have preferred the in ear bud style as they are more comfortable to use over an extended time period.

    so good need more please

    Very handy my son loves it. Please get more in stock I need 2 more thank you

    Very Usefull

    I bought one for my mother, like it so much I bought another. The eBooks are great, movies are great and I am able to put datasheets onto it so when i am working in the field I have all the information I need at my immediate disposal.

    Great product

    Luv my gobii, reads easy, light weight and transferring books super easy!

    Excellent Value

    My Gobii is my first e-reader and I have to say that I am impressed... it is so easy to use and comfortable to carry around.. I was worried that I wouldn't be able to "drive" it.. but it really is user friendly and its just so good to have "all my books" with me at one time:-)

    Thanks!! Awesome! :)

    Battery life

    My battery goes flat within 40 min of reading - why is that?

    Music player

    I did not buy this product to use as a reader. I bought this to use it for music playback. I am a vocalist and uses backtracks. I loaded all my backtracks on the reader and plug it into my mixer and use it to play back the backtracks. The other good thing is that the battery lasts up to ten hours and when I used my laptop, the battery only lasts about three hours. I believe that every band that uses backtracks, must have one of these.

    Gobii eReader

    Most definitely fantastic value for money...R399 well spent! I thoroughly enjoy using my eReader. Would have liked the control keys to be easier visible in the dark, but the other positive features of the device make up for this small problem. Thanks for a wonderful product!

    Good buy

    good value for money however the buttons are black and this makes it difficult to see at night

    Best Buy

    I had looked at other more expensive readers but value for money this is the best

    I got the dud!

    Bought this for my wife (Mother's day gift). It started with a flashing screen in the middle of the night but we thought nothing of it. She took it with on the plane and then it froze. That was the last time it ever came on! Thanks to Gobii for making me look like a bum! When she gets back I'll return the dud and hopefully will have more joy with the new one!

    Handy eReader

    This does it all. Download and read a book or magazine (plenty free ones out there), listen to your music, use it like an electronic photo frame, load and watch your favourite video. Increase the memory with a Micro SD card, and all for a few hundred Rand!

    Lotsa fun

    I love my Gobii. Easy to work, fast and very light to hold. Battery lasts a very long time. Am very impressed.

    Gobi11 e reader

    I bought the e reader for my wife who enjoys reading in bed,hence the backlit screen without a bedsite light. She loves the reader, her only problem is that the controls are very difficult to see at night and the curser controls are very small and difficult to use especially in the dark. The controls should also be lit especially for night reading.It would also be handy if an adapter plug is supplied to plug in the USB cable for charging( as the I pad has) instead of always having to charge through a computer which is not always available for my wife to use for charging. Otherwise we love the Gobi


    This by far is the best R399 I ever spent! Its compact, versatile and user-friendly. Now I get to enjoy reading my books or watching a movie anytime, any place.

    Excellent E-reader

    Thank you Gobii for this excellent product. It is easy to use and lightweight,also downloading books is very simple.

    My 9 year old son is excited

    Hello The value from this little tool is amazing. It replaces the need for an MP3/4 player and it has more. Downloaded the R10 e books for children that have a lot of general knowledge and he is getting smarter too. So its value for money because the ebook is actually R280 and the vouchers are R120. 7" quality ebook reader for under R300 or $30 is hard to come by anywhere. Both my brothers who are in their 30s want one as well.

    Useless, very low quality

    Purchased this device and it arrived completely unusable. Won't stay on, switches off within ten seconds, then switches on again, all by itself, after charging it for 12 hours on receiving it. The display is dark and flickery, the one menu that displays is completely unreadable, the letters illegibile. None of the buttons work, except the power button - pressing the other buttons in the ten seconds it stays on has no effect. Unimaginable that it is expected that you must read something on this device. Battery is not removable or detachable, so I can't try and power it down completely to try and get it to work. Looks and feels cheap - low quality Chinese manufacture dumped in the 3rd world?

    Gorgeous little tablet!

    I bought this little e reader to download my knitting and crochet patterns on, this way I don't have to print all my patterns out when I want to make the item. It works beautifully, I am super happy with the Gobii and will recommend to all! Real value for money!

    Gobii - Excellant Product

    This is a great device and I would highly recommend it. Can be a little slow at loading but that does not affect its 5 star rating because of the excellent value for money! Buy one you will be so glad you did!


    Unit backlight far too bright which requires a welding helmet during night reading. Background colour options include bright red, yellow, blue and green! Clearly the developers have never read any books!


    What a simple reader, easy to download books, pictures and music to. I have cataracts in both eyes and was struggling to read printed books, now with the Gobi I can make the print as large as I need and read outside - which I had given up doing all together. The only thing it needs is a camera - which I would happily pay another R1000 for because then it would be the ultimate holiday companion.

    Just what I needed

    I was looking for a low cost easy to use gadget for music, videos and books. Tablets are so expensive and offered things I didn't want (apps, camera and wi-fi etc) so this Gobii e-reader was perfect for me. Easy to use. Light. Pretty. I take it everywhere Love it.

    small but amazing

    Was sceptical at first becau8se what could be better than holding as real book. I am extremely happy with my Gobi11 and have refered it to a friend that went and bought one. Thanx for a great product. It may be small but very conveniet and fits perfectly in a handbag so I can take it everywhere with me.

    Best Motherday Gift

    Really enjoying my mothers day gift

    Uitstekende waarde

    Alhoewel ek reeds twee tablette het, kan ek hulle nie gebruik om in die buitelug te lees nie, aangesien die skrif nie sigbaar is nie. Met hierdie produk is die skrif helder. Self videos vergelyk redelik goed met die resolusie van 1280 x 960 van die veel duurder tablette. Die klank is baie goed wanneer musiek geluister word met oorfone. 'n Winskopie teen selfs dubbeld die prys!

    User-friendly & an Excellent Product..!!

    Definitely best value for money!

    I now have the Gobii and a Kindle e-book reader and I'm truly enjoying the Gobii very much. The fact that I am able to listen to music, watch video's and load photo's is an absolute bonus. The incredible backlight is a bonus for those days when there is a power failure and you want to read at night. For the money paid, it is truly expceptional value and I highly recommend it! JC

    Fantastiese aankoop

    Met my verjaarsdag het my man vir my die Gobii as geskenk gegee - wat 'n wonderlike geskenk! Ek geniet dit geweldig baie en het alreeds my R120 koepon ingespan en vir my baie oulike boeke afgelaai!

    Gobii ereader

    baie baie goed, kan nie kla nie. dankie kalahari vir die FAB spesial

    Gobii E-Reader

    A value for money deal, I absolutely love my new gadget, albeit it lacks 3G or Wifi, for me being an avid reader, the Gobii 7" Colour LCD E-reader is perfect. I would definitly recommend you get yourself one and at that price, wow it's absolutely worth it. Thank you Kalahari for the awesome & prompt service, its great shopping with you guys, cannot wait for my next purchase.

    Great Value for money.

    At the special price of R399, incl R120 eBook vouchers (which I've not figured out how to redeem) I took a chance on this product. But also because of the reviews here. The sceptic in me wanted a proper e-ink reader. But after more than a week's worth of use, I'm fine with just adjusting the brightness dependent on the time of day or light in the room. It does what it has to, very well. Slight irritation: It would've been nice if all of the soft pad keys could've been dimly illuminated in the dark once depressed. Its hard to find your way around them in a dark room. But that's rather trivial of me. This one has gone to the girlfriend and if the price holds till next payday - I'm treating myself to my own personal Gobii :)

    Value for $

    Luv my Gobii. Easy 2 use. Always read more than 1 book at a time and don't have to decide which 1 to take with when leaving the house - I just take them all on my Gobii!

    At the current price incredible value for money. On the negative side the following: 1. The available background colours are very bright. Perhaps a "sepia" option would resolve this problem. 2. Although there are options to order the books by date, author etc. it reverts to "title" every time you reboot.

    love it

    really good value for money and love the fact you can watch video's and photos and play music as well as a reader. Great as a first e reader for the kids.

    Not suitable for reference books

    This reader is not for books like the Bible, or any other book where you need to go to a specific page. You get what you pay for. Not bad for just reading novels etc. but really disappointed that I can't load my Bible on here (unless I want to take a week to page to Revelations :).

    Great value for money!!

    I am really enjoying my reader. Great to go away without a pile of heavy books.

    good product but some flaws

    ok guys i just recieved mine and got to reading. Firstly there is one comment below ranting about the bookmarks not working and i just have to say they work absolutely fine so no worries there. Ebooks from kalahari is protected by drm and is quite annoying to get onto the device but once it is on everything works great. It is a good product if youre looking for a cheap ereader and reads most other pdfs just fine. It would be ideal for postgraduate students like myself that needs to read a lot of articles but dont have the space to carry tablets

    Value Value

    moeite werd vir R399 . goeie en vinnige diens ook. Baie dankie

    Best value for Money!!

    I've been thinking about getting one of these for a while now and was in two minds after reading so many positive reviews alongside some very negative ones. Finally, when I saw it on this special price I decided it's time to do it and I have not been disappointed at all! It is very easy to use, not sure why some people complained about this. To buy and download books is a breeze, again, not sure why some people find this difficult? Is it possible that there are E-Readers on the market that are better, YES, I'm sure there are, but at THIS price I would recommend this to ANYBODY. For me, the product does everything I need it to do and more!! Again, this is exceptional value for money and one of the best buys I made in a long time!

    Goeie koop vir min geld

    Het vir R400 gekoop en nog R120 se vouchers bygekry. Baie tevrede. Eenvoudig en basies. Lees baie lekker en is so lig dat met een hand kan vashou en lees. Kan videos en musiek speel, maar het geen luidspreker en moet oorfone koppel vir klank. Vir 'n persoon wat iets klein en kompak soek om mee boeke te lees, is dit uit en uit die geld werd.

    does it put in a simcard? wi-fi perhaps?

    Brilliant product.

    With a super easy setup, and a user friendly interface, this extremely good buy gets a definite 5 stars.

    Best value!

    This is the third Gobii I'm buying for the house. My daughter (12) is glued to her Gobii for the past 2 years, I've got mine just more than a year and still loving it. For an incentive, I bought my son (8) his own Gobii now as well. It's affordable and can do so much more than just being a plain e-reader.

    Great buy!

    I wanted a simple to use reader, which didn't need WiFi or 3G to work. This is really worth the money you pay. The battery lasts for long and I can even charge it using my blackberry charger so I don't always need to be near a laptop to charge the battery. It's quite slow if you have a lot of books - I first stored about 2GB of books and it took some time to start up. Now I have about 30 books and it is fast. I love it and I'm so glad I decided to buy it!

    Gobii is Great

    I bought a Gobii at the last sale and am thrilled with it. I am waiting for the next one as my son also wants one for his 12th birthday. Well done guys! I love it!

    Great for it's purpose

    I bought this product for my mom because her sight is failing and she can no longer read books without a magnifying glass and she can't see the TV across the room. I would have liked to buy her a more expensive or larger tablet but really could not afford one so this was my best option. She has gone from staring aimlessly out the window to reading again (at least one book every two to three days) and is loving it. She can watch movies and television programs again because for her as the close proximity of the device makes this possible and the size is more than adequate for that purpose even with her failing eyesight. Her life has joy in it again. It's a wonderful product for it's purpose and if I ever get enough money saved I will certainly upgrade so she can email and chat to my siblings via Skype out of country on a more complex and touch tablet but this is also a great stepping stone for her to get her mojo back and accustomed to the new technology. I would certainly use it as a reader for myself as it really is a brilliant product and does what it says. Only problem she seems to have due to her poor eyesight is the black on black buttons and the tiny USB and earphone jack spots, but that can't be helped so I've MacGiver'd a way for her to see these more easily. Really great product, I would highly recommend it for anyone looking for an eBook reader, MP3 / Audio book player and for Video.

    This one's a winner

    Read books, watch movies, listen to music. The Gobii does it all. Would like longer battery life but with a 7" lit screen it's to be expected. Would prefer the buttons to be clearer but these are minor things. All in all, a very good buy and value for money

    Value for money

    Decided it was the perfect time to buy when Kalahari had R200 discount on item. Not disappointed at all. Lots of books to choose from, device works well, even in moderate sunlight. LCD brightness adjustable to reduce strain on eyes to almost nothing. Great product for me!

    So Happy

    Decided to buy this for my girlfriend's birthday. Was very sceptic at first as it did not have any WiFi or 3G capabilities. However decided that utilising a USB transfer cable and Adobe Editions is not at all so bad. Especially if you are looking to import more expensive options. Kalahari was magnificent from order to delivery - keeping me updated every step of the way. What put the cherry on the cake was the product - mint condition and most importantly, she absolutely loved it! Vouchers, a bonus! Well done guys, I'll definitely be coming back for more. Even thinking of buying my own little gobii


    You get what you pay for. Navigation is clumsy but ok. Slow when turning a page. The clarity is not that great. All in all a solid product but I would rather go for something that has wifi and internet so I can download eBooks directly.

    Wow what a gift

    What a pleasant surprise one third of the price of a Kindle but an awesome purchase. Bigger screen.. Easy functionality. Thanks Kalahari

    Cobii reader

    Thank you! This little reader is fabulous. I already have a laptop so al I needed was this gobii 7" Colour LCD eReader. Lovely to use at night when I cannot sleep.....hubby does not even know I am reading as I do not disturb him with my bedside lamp :-)

    Pleasantly Surprised

    I was looking for a low-tech e-Reader – something for reading only - I don't need/want all the other tablet functionalities. This product is basic and I’m thoroughly impressed! The price is great, the manageability and understanding of it was easy, and it has the added bonus of being able to play music and video. Additional bonus points received since it can be charged with a Blackberry / Samsung charger! That's great stuff!!

    Not loving it - like it

    Turn it on and it takes 3 minutes then timer comes on another 6 minutes to open a book for reading this is slow. Have to go through the whole process again if I go shower does not stay on 'pause' for long enough. No bookmark. Slightest change of angle and screen rotates. Print is great.

    Love my Gobii!

    This is the best thing ever that I bought. So easy to operate and very convenient. I now read more than ever before. Cannot put it down!

    Gobii 7

    Nice product, I enjoy tasking the books with me in such a small package, but it is useless when for instance trying to read the Bible. I followed the instructions to the letter, but it does not navigate to the Book/Chapter hyper links. Using Page No. is not an option in this case.

    Easy and Happy

    I love the product, we have bought one for our daughter who is very fond of reading (8 years), she does not leave it for a second. Music and Movies is a plus for her. Me and my husband is definitely going to buy the Gobii tablet for ourselfs

    User friendly

    I received my Gobii yesterday for my birthday and I am more than happy with the product. It is user friendly and so easy to get the hang of. Books can be easily loaded on to the device and reading on it is such a pleasure. I would definately recommend this product to others.

    Warning - No decent search facility

    The only search facility it has is "Go to page ###" Not much use if you wish to read the Bible for example and want to go to a specific Verse, Chapter and book.

    Easy Peasy

    I have bought two already for my kids aged 11 and 7. Both use it for books and movies. Easy to use, light weight and I still have control over the access since no wifi. Well worth it.

    Great Product for Price

    Product is basic, but I'm more than impressed with it for the price. Reader, music and video player. With an external SD slot. That's great stuff

    You get what you paid for

    The service I got from Kalahari was impressive! As far as the Gobii is concerned - you must remember that you get what you paid for. It is a very inexpensive e-reader who had to drop quite a bit of the "luxuries" in order to make it more affordable. The LCD backlit isn't as kind on the eyes after reading for a long time. It isn't a touchscreen which can be quite disconcerting. It doesn't have 3G or Wireless. BUT... it is awesome for the price you pay. Its easy to transfer the books onto it from your computer - it even reads PDF books. I put 10 National Geographic Magazines on and it came out clear. So please be realistic. The price is low for a reason - but its still a darn good little e-reader and I'm not sorry I bought it. THANKS Kalahari!

    Took some getting used to as it is not touch screen but best thing I ever bought now that I am used to it!

    I cannot believe all the positive reviews i am seeing. One has to authorize your computer with Adobe before you can read a book. This is near impossible. and it will cost you extra with time. Its not just me i checked out the Adobe forums, people battle tremendously. The R120 voucher appears to be a rumor as well.

    Worth every cent

    Compared to other eReaders on the market this one doesn't cost an arm and a leg but offers so much more. One quickly gets used to the controls. Could be an improvement if there could be some backlight near the controls


    Its the best thing I have ever bought, I take it where ever I am at all times. Thank you for the great service. Your the best

    Love it!

    Used 'calibre - Ebook management' (free with Nov's issue of PC Format) to convert ALL ebook formats to epub/pdf in seconds; shrinked a dvd to 600mb and watched on gobii in 'full screen mode' - perfect! :) - will def. buy the new touch screen one!!!!

    Good Service

    Good service and fast.



    Not bad

    Would have loved it to be touch screen. But over all not to bad.

    gobii 7" - Just love my new toy!

    WOW!! What a great toy to have. I enjoy every minute on it, love that I can watch Videos and Listen to music. I've seen people complain about not having a wall charger, and was glad to discover that my blackberry charger works on it - so problem solved. One thing that I don't like is that the controls aren't visible at night - I think a soft back light would be great. Easy to use and endless hours of reading pleasure. Thanks also for the quick delivery Kalahari.com!


    My hubby and kids bought me the first one that came out so I have had mine, come December; some 2 years. I LOVE IT So what if it cannot connect to the internet; that's what I have a laptop for. I use it for reading, music, pictures and LOVE the fact that I can lie in bed at night, plug in the earphones and catch up on my TV series while my hubby watches his sport on the TV. I will be investing in the new gobii 7 when it comes out and passing this one onto my son.

    Gobii E-reader

    Fairly happy with my purchase - except a price drop after 1 week of purchase - not great luck. My e-voucher wasn't added to my profile automatically. I reported the fault to customer services. I do think I should have bought a WiFi e-reader (in hindsight)

    gobii 7"

    Enjoying my gobii, it could be improved with a touchscreen

    This is the best thing I have ever bought myself. Thoroughly enjoying it.

    gobii 7"

    Excellent product - still new to me, but enjoying it a lot!

    Gobii 7" eReader

    Very happy with my purchase. Thank you

    Gobii E-reader

    I was sceptical as I prefer the feeing of a real paper book in my hands, but this is just awesome. I should have bought it long ago!

    Not that Great

    I was disappointed by the Gobi from day 1! When it arrived the bookmarks did not work. When I called the support number I was informed that it does not support bookmarks??? This is a selling point of the product. Turns out that this was a firmware bug. The way to fix was to send the device back to Kalahari to be swapped out. This would take up to 14 days. There is apparently no option to download new firmware. Big fail to my mind.

    Best gadget ever bought

    I am addicted to my Gobii. I don't go anywhere without it. The fact that I can upload my favourite TV series and watch it anywhere is awesome. I can upload photos to show my family when I visit. I can't remember when last I bought a printed book. I recommended the Gobii to friends and they are now hooked too.


    I got the eReader for my mum and now I'm getting one for myself!! I love the simplicity of it. Briliant product!!

    Gobii eReader

    I have to say that I am a little disappointed with the battery life of the Gobii eReader. For someone that does a great deal of reading I find it inconvenient that I need to charge it so often. I am still finding my way around the other features.

    Gobii e-reader

    Nice and light and easy to handle, and looking forward to "spending" my gift voucher.

    Excellent Gift Alternative to Kindle

    Excellent Gift Alternative to Kindle

    I bought the Gobii reader for my mom, she loves reading but she can not read the small print anymore. With the Gobii it is perfect!!! It is the best present ever!!

    Gobii Ereader

    Excellent value for money, loaded books so easily, 7 inch screen is easier to read than smaller units.


    Fantastic product - don't know why I waited so long to get one! Downloading eBooks is just so easy.

    gobii 7"

    superb! One way of getting a son to read.

    Gobii 7"

    I am enjoying my gobii, although I'm still learning to use it!

    Gobii 7" colour reader

    I love it, convenient light.... brilliant. Just one thing - it tells me where I stopped reading, but it won't open the book there automatically -sad!

    Gobii 7" Colour LCD eReader

    Great Product, love it!

    Gobii Colour LCD eReader

    I'm very happy with my new Gobii eReader. It is a joy to use. If I could improve anything it would be to (i) improve the battery life & (ii) sort out the problem with the bookmarks. AubreyS

    YAY for the Gobii e-reader

    I am very happy to own my own e-reader! I can lie in bed with the light off and read my favorite books. Not disturbing anyone and do not have to get up to put the light off again. Feel kinda spoiled and guilty.. 8p

    My Gorgeous ereader

    What did we do without these wonders? Its like having a good friend with you wherever you go....

    Gobii 7" E-Reader

    I bought this item as a christmas present for my sister so will not be able to comment until after that date

    Gobii Just awsome.

    Great, awesome value for money.

    Good Product

    I got this on special for R699 and it was worth every cent. Good quality, looks good. I watch videos on it in bed but just a note there is know external speaker, you have to use headphones but its a product for private use so it doesn't bother me. Have all your books in one place.

    Very nice product. Good service!

    gobii 7" eReader

    Couldn't be happier with it

    gobii 7

    excellent service and delivery and my daughter is so proud of her reader.


    The ebook is a bit heavier than I anticipated and very difficult to use lying on one's side as I do in bed as if the angle is changed 1 degree too far, the writing flips to width ways and I have to persuade it that I want it to remain as it would if I were reading a paper book. I honestly thought I would get a slightly larger supply of "free"books but I suppose that is what one gets for buying the cheapest ebook available. Now I just have to find out how to load book from other suppliers as I bought the ebook to save on my high expenditure on literature. But then nothing ventured, nothing gained.

    Gobii 7" Colour LCD eReader

    Very good value for money, does everything it is supposed to - would be even better with higher screen resolution!

    True value for money

    Love my gobii eReader. It is compact and lite. Easy and simple to load books and the price was fabulous. Compact enough to carry around in your handbag at all times.

    I am enjoying my purchase!

    Gobii e-reader

    It is functional and works quite well as a starter model or for one who is new to e-readers. Well worth the money for what it offers.

    Awesome Value for Money!

    I was a bit hesitant of buying myself an e-reader that isn't brand name, but having tested the Gobii we bought my mother for Christmas in 2012, I didn't think twice! The build quality does feel slightly “cheap” here and there (buttons tend to sit a bit loose in the body), but don't be mistaken, it is not at all shoddy! In fact, it is a very sturdy little machine and the finishes are visually quite elegant. The screen was a pleasant surprise as well. I was dreading some burning eyes with the LCD screen, but by fiddling with the brightness a bit, you get a great reading experience and it is perfect for watching movies as well (something the standard Kindle doesn't offer). Navigation takes a little getting used to and I would have liked to be able to manage my library a bit better, but it hardly detracts from the experience and is quite easy to use once you get the hang of it. Must just also note the lack of WiFi or 3G; however to me personally this isn't a problem because connecting the Gobii to your computer and copying files is seamless and very simple to do. Reading itself is a wonderful experience. Page turns are quick and changing certain settings is a breeze. Reflow of pages is handled quite well. Battery life is more than sufficient in my opinion. I could easily go about three days of reading fairly long, regular stretches on one charge. If you only read about 20 minutes a night you can easily get a week out of the battery, if not more! It does drain quite quickly when watching video though, but you can easily watch a feature length film before reaching for the charger. A HUGE bonus for me was the built-in music player. It is such a pleasure to pop in your headphones while reading your chosen book and just zoning out completely wherever you are! Having played with and tested other readers before, I would recommend the Gobii in a heartbeat. You sacrifice a bit on battery life, internet connectivity and "brand name" product, but you benefit from video playback, sturdy build, bac@#$& screen and built-in music player, all for the fraction of the cost of your cheapest brand name product.

    Found the downloading a bit difficult in the beginning. Enjoy my Gobii!

    excellent buy

    An excellent buy and great value for money!

    Review for Gobii eReader

    :) I love that this ereader is so light and fits in my hands perfectly. I love that it reads ePub files and that the text is adjustable :D

    Gobii 7" eReader

    Thank you very much for great service, great support, clear guidance and such speedy delivery. The product is perfect. I most enjoy that it does not have the full Wi-Fi etc settings, which ensures that this item is used purely for the correct purposes. Very happy - might buy some more as gifts for the family.

    I find that not all the books I'd like is available on the Kalahari Website.

    Gobi 2013

    I ordered my Gobi 1 week before I left for an overseas holiday - it arrived 24hrs later...brilliant. Took it everywhere and loved it. Only 2 problems I have with it: The rotate option - I can't disable it so it keeps changing when you change position and then it takes 5-10sec to rotate, very annoying. The charge cable is very short, so difficult to recharge with a normal plug, if you're not using usb.

    The product I purchased is out of this world. I need for me to visit the shopping mall to buy books. The Gobii is user friendly and straight forward. Best purchase ever!

    Value for money

    Bought it for my 14 year old daughter, she loves it. Very easy to download books, and easy to work.


    I am VERY happy with my Gobii ereader. I upgraded from a black and white ereader without backlight and am very happy with my decision. (The battery life is a bit disappointing after my old one (batterly lasted at least 2 weeks - and I read a lot!) but would still make the same decision. I love that you can add / remove books as you would for a USB - it makes managing your books so convenient. Very happy customer.

    gobii 7"

    Fantastic product!!!!!! just the battery life really bad, wish they would do something about it

    Gobii eReader LCD 7"

    Best buy i have done in the last 5 yrs. As much as i love the feel of a book in my hand, i have to say that the Gobii ereader is the best ever. Easy & quick to read (i can read even faster)+ i don't need my glasses as i can use a font to suit my eyes.Easy to download books & videos. I watch my movies/series on it unless there is someone else, then i switch on the TV. Lasts for ±4-6 hrs pending what i watch.The only thing i don't like is to have to charge it because i want to have it @ all times. LOVE my Gobii.

    I like it

    I really enjoy my gobii, there are a few things that should be looked at and improved when they hopefully bring out a new one. Great so you can read in the dark BUT you can't see the buttons in the dark! As more people have noted the backlight even at it's lowest is way too bright on your eyes, that should be toned down more. The on off button is in the wrong place, it should be @ the top of the book not the bottom, and I'm sure a little short program could be added that allows the LED to flash when it's in stand by mode, nothing so frustrating as pushing the power button to switch on and then having it go off because it was in standby, and if you forget to switch it off and forget about it, next time you want to use it the battery is flat because it was on standby. The external card slot should also be in a better place, I nearly lost my 16Gb card with all my books, because it acidently got pushed while in my bag...not good :( So it sound like I'm griping a lot but I really enjoy my gobii and the fact that I can have my whole library with me to read where ever I go traveling. Love the fact that I can load foto's on it and show people travel pictures, a friend of mine loads movies for the kids when they travel and you can have ALL your music with you while you read...nice. Overall functionality is great but design needs some work.

    Excellent Service

    Thank you for your excellent efficiency, i would recommend buying from Kalahari.com to everyone!

    Gobii7" LCD Reader

    Excellent product, user friendly.The book voucher is a nice bonus. The only negative is that it doesn’t come with a wall plug charger.

    Uitstekende Kopie

    Die Gobii eReader is heerlik om te gebruik. Dit is glad nie swaar nie, en is gemaklik om vas te hou vir lang periodes. Die skrif kan genoegsaam stel, sodat selfs ek wat swak sig het, lank kan lees sonder om stremming op my oe te sit. Voorwaar 'n goeie koop gewees.

    Gobii 7" Colour LCD E Reader

    Love the gobii, nice picture/video quality. Only problem is, the application takes long to open. which means when I change from e reader to video, you wait a while before the video opens. Slow processor.


    Great great


    I ordered Thursday around 6pm and received my package the next day around lunch time. Very impressed. Well done guys and keep up the top-notch work.

    Wonderful introduction to eReading

    This is the best gift I have bought myself to date. I am only sad that it'snot a touch screen. Other than that I am completely happy with this buy

    Gobii 7

    It Works efficiently. Every format is clearly visible with the large display. One of the best e-reader on the market.

    Great product

    Fast delivery, good product. Have not used the voucher yet, but I'm sure there won't be issues.

    no books to read

    Faulty upload platform - no books to read. Greatly disappointed.

    good for university

    really great product, especially for lectures notes and books if you go to university. love that you can play music it on it as well, jus wish the screen was a little larger and had wifi

    Not Impressed

    Bought this ereader for my dad, but seen as you still need a PC / laptop to download books I'm not sure what the point of this ereader is! I should have just gotten him a Kindle like I have!

    Gobbi Review

    Bought the unit as a birthday gift. And the person i gave it to absolutely loves it.


    Just ordered mine. So excited to receive my Gobii and become part of the Gobii family :)


    Very impressive eReader. Would recommend it to anyone looking to purchase an eReader.

    poor after sales service

    support staff is not able to solve a basic problem . cannot resolve problems stemming from gobii not working correctly. still losing 500 rand. we need sharper support staff. this problem should have been resolved in about 15 minutes the week its taking is pathetic. why 5 stars. bad ratings is not shown

    Gobii 7

    I love the product, it's very convenient, I carry it with me in my bag all the time. The only problem is some voluminous books (e.g-my bible), it doesn't give you an index page of the book where you can choose which chapter/verse you want to go to(as in a pc), it only gives an option for page numbers, which I also would not know at a given time of the version of the book.

    gobii 7" Colour LCD eReader Black + R160 eBook Vou

    I just love my new E-book reader. So far so good. Just wish I had more time to read, but I make time for that. Thank you very much

    gobii 7

    I've had this for a week now and I simply can't put it down! It's absolutely FANTASTIC!!! I use to store my ebooks on my laptops, mobile & external drives, but with the Gobii I've got everything with me .... all the time!! Even when watching movies, it's so convenient.


    This was absolutely hands down the best R800 buck I have ever spent. The Gobii has made reading e-books such a joy and not having to read it from my phone or laptop (which was such a drag) You just load your e books, even music and you are ready to go. And the delivery was so quick which was such a joy, and you were kept in the loop throughout the shipping process. Brilliant!

    gobii 7

    I am very impressed with the gobii 7. It is a great product.

    Absolute Pleasure

    I'm absolutely loving my Gobii. What a treat! The screen just froze up for a few minutes now, but it's working again. Thank Goodness!!!



    gobii reader

    best ever can't stop reading

    Gobii 7 = LCD eReader

    Absolutely love it!!!

    Gobii eReader


    Gobi e-Reader

    Wat 'n fantastiese produk! Die beste kopie in 'n lang tyd!

    I regret buying this

    A few minutes after I switched it on I was already thinking I've made a bad decision by purchasing this. The screen is not good on the eyes, not sure how many pages I can last reading a book. in fact it doesnt seem like a good idea for my eyes health to read more than a page. The text flow on the ebooks is also bad when you zoom in. You have some text appearing in the wrong places(e.g books' section numbers). I bought an ebook reader that probably only good for mp3's. Im so disappointed :(

    LCD eReader

    This eReader is for my 20 year son. He is cognitive impaired. He cannot read or write but now that he can listen to a book being read he is estatic - this is fantastic product! Thank you

    gobii 7" Colour LCD eReader

    Very surprized and satisfied with the eReader.

    Gobii eReader

    Easy to use

    Gobii Reader

    Getting to know my gobii has been an amazing experience. I LOVE IT!

    Gobii Good!!!

    Wow, I am blown away. Total value for money. I was sceptical because I didn't want to not buy books anymore. Eventually my CEO bought me one and I am so glad he did. Take it anywhere, I can read at night without keeping the light on and bothering my husband. Wonderful Product!! Thanks Kalahari!!!!

    Gobii E-Reader

    Nice product with a useless battery life.

    Bought as a gift and they love the tablet. Great for reading and also watching movies.

    Gobii reader

    Am loving the gobii reader, it made my reading much better.


    have just read ebooks at this stage impressed

    great ereader

    Great e reader does exactly what it is suppose to

    Gobii review

    Ordering was smooth and delivery was prompt. No problems on registring and setting up. Follow and read the instructions!!! they work. The Gobi could have a bigger screen, allthough it resembles a pocketbook format. Downside is the "night reading mode",when one sets the background to black and font to white, the whole screen does not go black,and two white bands show top and bottom margins horisontally. Also it would be nice if the book cover could shown in the "files exporer" function, one however first has to open the book before seeing the cover, or backcover. Otherwise, overall good value for money for a portable reader.

    Gobii 7" eReader

    I find the Gobii easy to use. Reading is easy, no strain on the eyes.Battery lasts very long so i'm happy with my purchase :)

    Baie goeie diens.

    Dankie Kalahari vir die flinke diens met die aankoop van die gobii7, Dit was 'n geskenk vir my dogter se 14de verjaarsdag. Sy geniet dit geweldig. Nogmaals baie dankie!!!

    The Gobii is brilliant. Small compact and very user friendly. The only problem was that the earphones that came with the package was a bit scratchy on the ears.

    Good service


    fabulous light weight product compared to a heavy paper book - enjoying my Gobi reading


    This product is initially not user friendly. Very complicated as you need an IT qualification to operate it in early stages. Makes me think of earliest 286 computers and digital cameras. You will take weeks to figure out which buttons to press and even then it 'freezes' because you forgot to first enter a password or activate some other menu or whatever. Come on, it is 20 years later.


    Its easy to read, very user friendly and small enough that I can take it anywhere. I just love it to bits



    Gobi 7" Colour LCD eReader Black

    This is my second one and its well worth the small investment. The first one, which is still working, was one of the original ones brought out.

    Gobii E-Reader

    The best product I have ever bought. I love my Gobii E-Reader!!


    Best product I have purchased yet. Its easy and user friendly. I would highly recommend it.

    Gobii 7" LCD e-Reader Black

    Great to have but - 1. Cannot select a chapter from book index - cannot select 1 Cor 13:7; 2. Cannot copy files from internal memory to micro card or from m.c to i.m.; 3. Cannot update to newer version of e-Reader. Lots of frustration - Kobo may be better call!!


    die beste kopie in jare!

    Gobii 7

    Excellent value for money

    Gobi 7" Colour lcd reader

    All I can say , what a brilliant product,the more you use it the more it amazes me.I download books, movies, music videos. Love the reader. Easy to recharge. Brillaint picture and sound quality great value for money. Regards. Alan

    Downloading books

    The gobii is fine once the downloading was done but your instructions to download are all over the place and not easy to follow. I'm not incompetent on the computer but I had to call in my service guy to help. Your staff also give advice that's not clear and very roundabout. Very frustrating.

    Excellent product....

    gobii 7" Colour LCD eReader

    I was so worried this would be a second rate item but was pleasantly surprised. Its great and the best is I don't have to switch on the light so my wife can sleep in peace. It's way more than an eReader. Love it and can't wait to get more books.

    gobii 7" Colour LCD eReader Black

    Bought the eReader as a birthday gift for my sister and she absolutely loves it. In the past week, she has already read 2 books. Finds the quality excellent and has not experienced any glare or issues with the gadget which I was initially concerned about. Good value for money.

    e-reader: great product

    No bulky books when travelling or reading in bed. Compact, light in weight en easy to read. Am very happy with this product.

    Senior Citizen Approval.

    I purchased the reader for my eighty-three-year-old neighbour after she had seen mine and my wife's and wanted to enter the twenty-first century. She absolutely loves it! She takes it to bed and reads right through the night, then gets her husband to charge it for her next morning. I was a little nervous because of her past problems with technology, but she knows how to turn it on and turn pages and she says that all she needs. So if anyone has an old mother or grandmother out there who likes to read...

    My Gobii is the best

    I enjoy my Gobii, it is really great and easy to use. An SD micro card with it would have been awesome though!

    gobii7 Colour LCD eReader

    A great product

    Gobii Reader

    Love this reader!!!

    Gobii E reader

    I love my new E-reader. It is compact and easy to handle and reading is a pleasure.

    gobii 7"

    Excellent buy!

    GobII 7"

    Not what I expected, cheap construction, button very plastic and cheap, buttons not very responsive. Would rather go for a touch screen version for the extra money 7" not real big enough. Bought two and returned the one, gave the other one to my son to use.

    Gobiii E-Reader

    I love my new Gobii.Its biggest let down is that its not wifi enabled.Than again at that price it is value for money.I have loaded music and movies on it and Im very happy with my purchase!

    Gobii e-reader

    Good day I was very please with the service when purchasing my e-reader. I am however very annoyed that on the 23 May I purchased a book being launched on 31 May by Sylvia Day has been delayed due to internal office affairs. Thanks

    gobii 7" Colour LCD eReader Black + R160 eBook Vou

    I am very happy with my gobii eReader - it took me a long while to decide to buy an eReader, but I am so pleased I finally did it. It is so easy and uncomplicated to use. My only complaint is that I would like to be able to turn down the brightness even more than 0% - I find that the screen is still too bright for me particularly at night and I need to tilt the eReader in order not to strain my eyes. I am very happy with my purchase and Kalahari's service was great!

    Cost Effective

    Good value for the price, easy to manipulate.

    Must have

    Very nice!!

    gobii 7" Colour LCD eReader Black + R160 eBook Vou

    (i)I purchased the Gobii eReader with its accessories, it is an excellent product that offers good value for money. (ii)I also received very professional and timely service from kalahari.com, hope they keep it up.

    Gobii 7"

    Got the gobii for my wife as a gift, and she's very happy with it . Like it so much , will buy one for myself.

    dis "n wonderlike produk maar die afleweringsdienste se personeel is onvriendelik en onbevoeg.

    Love it!!

    I absolute love my Gobii, very userfriendly, conveniente and simply the best! Where ever I go, my Gobbi is with me. I even bought one for my mom for her birthday!

    Gobii eReader

    I love that I can play videos as well. Bit of a time lag between switching on & viewing videos/files in general but overall winner, especially for this price. It is also quite light & therefore very portable. Accompanies me almost everywhere I go. The cover comes in handy too.

    Gobii reader

    Ek geniet my e-reader verskriklik. Die boeke was ook uitstekend. Ek het lekker gelees.

    Just great! So pleased I got it - was wondering for a long time if it would be worth it for me but it sure is! Many thanks!

    I love my Gobi. I read every night before going to bed and now it is in an easy to use gadget that I find very easy to use and to install ebooks onto. The R160 ebook Voucher came in very handy.

    Gobi eBook reader

    Was a present for friend and she is very happy.

    gobii 7" colour LCD eReader

    Very nice product, love to read digital. love it that it is not touch screen, no problem with paging pages.


    The Gobii os really lovely. Had a bit of help from Kalahari to get started but find it very simple to use. Have also got a nice selection of music, photos and docs stored. I am a "granny" so this need intimidate nobody. Have about 30 books, so my library has plenty of "growing" space. Everybody should have one of these

    Gobii Ereader

    This is a most interesting and useful thing. It is realy easy to load and to read a book. it is oomfortable to hold and the backlighting of the screen is perfect. I would recommend this to anyone who is comtemplating buying one. The only negative I could give it, is the black buttons which are very difficult to see in low light conditions.

    Gobii 7

    I bought the ebook for a friend of mine and she is absolutely delighted with the Gobii.

    LOVE IT !

    Bought mine a while back. No issues except you can't have multiple bookmarks :(

    Not happy

    I wanted a audio ereader.I bought the Gobii LCD ereader.Kalahari has very few audio books and it has to be down loaded to PC and transferred to Gobii.Kindle much easier

    gobii 7" Colour LCD eReader Black + R160 eBook Vou

    Great service, the banking system is a bit slow, but not Kalahari's fault. Keep up the good service.

    gobii 7" Colour LCD eReader & eBook Voucher

    I am enjoying my ereader and ebook. Glad I purchased it and can take it anywhere I go and read whenever I eant to


    Its reasonable,easy to use and just perfect!

    gobii reader

    great - wonderful - the best just love it!!!!

    Gobii E-Reader

    A very, very usefull device that allows you to do more than just read! Watch videos, listen to music and view photos, the only drawback I can see compared to big brand names is no touch screen! How much time have you recently spent cleaning fingerprint streaks off your cellphone!! Well worth the price!

    Gobii eReader

    I'm really enjoying my Gobii. For the price i paid, it more than suits my needs, it's a solid product. If you play with your settings and don't crank the brightness of the screen to high, you'll get a lot out of the battery life. I've been using my gobii on and off for over a week and i still have half a battery charge left. A lot of file format compatibility for ebooks, movies, pics etc.. If you can live without e-ink....this is the ereader for you.

    Gobi e-reader

    I love the e-reader and the size is also just gr8 to fit in my handbag to carry around. I am just a bit dissipointed with the battery life, it needs to be recharged often.

    Good value for money


    a very good product


    My daughter loves the gobii ereader as she can read, watch videos and download music.

    Gobii e reader

    Like the feel and the overall quality of the reader.

    WHAT a GREAT Gift

    Pensioners Delight: I Bought my wife a Gobi. She is not at all technical but she LOVES he gobi and uses it day and night. All that remains is to stay up with the books she likes. Brilliant should have got her one sooner.

    waste of money

    this product is a serious let down. i can get a tablet with wifi and all extra capabilities for the same price. not user friendly. get real

    Gobii 7 the best e-reader

    I bought a Gobii e-reader just the other day and the service was excellent not forgetting about the product itself.A great buy! My best choice ever!!

    gobii E-Reader

    I simply love my e-Reader. Will recomemd it to everyone with no hesitation. The words are big enough to read and also with the back light, I can even read it with the lights off.

    Excellent product!!

    I purchased 2 Gobii eReaders (one for each child) and they absolutely love them! My husband has a Kindle and he is quite jealous. The fact that they can each watch movies on them is an added bonus! Definitely worth every cent.

    Gobii 7" Colour LCD eReader Black

    I really needed an eReader and was skeptical about the Gobii at first but I just took a chance and ordered it. First of all, delivery was in 24 hours (Awesome!), secondly I really feel I got value for money. Its colour screen, plays movies, comes with a cover and the voucher was a nice touch too. My only complaint is that the screen is still a bit bright. I set the brightness to lowest level and its still as bright as my PC screen. I found a way around this though by changing the font colour to white and the background to white. Not much strain on the eyes that way. I don't really use the movie player much but I found that the volume control doesn't work when using it. Other than that, I would recommend buying this if you're looking for a good and economical eReader.

    gobii 7" eReader

    I consider this one of the best buys I have made. It is convenient easy to operate and only a pleasure. I have recommended to two of my family members and they have also purchased it and have the same opinion as me.

    Granddaughter very pleased

    I bought the Gobii for my granddaughter as a present. She is very pleased with it. I found that it was very good value for the price and compared favorably with more expensive readers. The voucher was also most welcome and means that the reader itself is actually even less expensive.


    I haven't been able to stop reading since delivery. I absolutely love it!!

    This is an excellent product and much cheaper that the kindle. I don't regret buying it for one moment and have hours of enjoyment with it. Not just with reading books, but also for listening to music and watching music video's

    Gobii e-reader

    It is really easy to use and a fantastic little device. I actually don't use all its features. I only use it to read and that I can do for hours. The battery life that everyone seems to moan about really is not a problem. I dimmed my display so that my eyes don't get tired. I would buy this product for all my friends and family if I could afford it. :)

    Gobi 7" Colour eReader

    Well worth the ebucks!! Easy to use and a very handy travel companion!

    Very nice e-reader

    Wife loves it. Can't pry it out of her fingers. And at a very nice price. Extremely happy

    Being a "readaholic", the Gobii absolute adds SO much joy to my life. Reading anywhere, anytime moved to another level s I'm not dependant on light to read anymore!

    gobii 7" Colour LCD eReader Black

    What a great little product, very easy to understand, use and does more than expected. I have been using it for a month now and am sorry that I only now converted to an E-Book reader. It also compares very well with other, more expensive, competitors ! Go gobii !!

    My new gobii 7" Colour LCD eReader Black

    This was one of my best buys in a long time. Excellent for readers traveling a lot (it's light and does not take up too much space). I recommend the gobii eReader to everybody who experience a space problem. Getting an eBook within minutes is great!!

    Value for Money

    It was value for money and not expensive at all. My son seems happy with it - Was his purchace. Awaiting the leather cover still.

    Nice present

    I bought it for my wife as a present. And she is enjoying it.It keeps her quiet, lol.

    I dont have any problems. everything went well

    Yes i'm happy with my purchase it works fine no problems and love using it.

    gobii 7" Colour LCD eReader

    No regrets. Excellent service from Kalahari. The gobii eReader is easy to use and reasonably priced for its wonderful features. Wireless interface and touch-screen would have been great but I love my eReader! Thank you.

    I'm very pleased with the device

    Very happy

    The Gobii eReader is great value for money. Its very user friendly and the app makes transferring ebooks onto the device easy peasy. Its just a shame it took so long to be delivered. And if they upgrade it, it would be nice if it could have wireless connectivity. Overall, a great product.

    Gobii 7

    Fantastic. I can read books, listen to music and watch movies. Perfect for camping.

    Great - With reservations

    My first experience of eBook readers. Really great and I love it, but, Why is the Power button at the bottom? When I read I sometimes hold the reader at the bottom and switch the thing off! Battery could last a bit longer! Being able to watch movies is great, but, the memory could be bigger. The buttons are difficult to see in the dark because the glare from the screen blocks the visibility of the buttons. The neoprene cover should have a pocket for the earplugs.

    LCD e Reader

    Hi there, I had to buy this as a present for my daughter, but she just absolutely loves it!!!!!

    Best thing since sliced bread

    I just LOVE my Gobii eReader. Ek kan al my boeke in Afrikaans lees wat WONDERLIK is. Sou net soveel makliker gewees het as dit 'n touch screen gehad het, maar bly nog my beste aankoop ooit:):)

    The service I received was as always fast this is my 2nd Gobii and this one for my wife juast love kalahari

    Gobi E-Reader

    Not bad for the price, earphones are not good.

    Gobii 7" Colour LCD eReader

    Very nifty and convenient to use. Good reading quality. Thought I might not get used to the idea, but absolutely love it!

    The Gobii 7" is the best. My husband and I travel a lot as we are pensioners. It is just so much lighter and easier to use. It is also very user friendly.

    Gobi reader

    Great! I love reading and can now take my books everywhere in a "pouch"

    gobii 7" Colour LCD eReader Black + R160 eBook Vou

    I LOVE my Gobii! Easy to use and change fonts

    Good first time buy.

    This is my 1st eReader, so I'm still getting over the shock of coming to grips with DRM (Diabolical Restriction Madness) on ebooks. That said, this device is certainly more flexible than it's more famous cousin. You can view video and photos on it which you can't do with the Kindle. It also supports DRM and non-DRM ePub and PDF formats, so usable with most SA ebook retailers. I's an LCD screen, so harder on the eye than e-ink, but acceptable clarity. If I have one gripe, it would be that the buttons have to be pressed quite firmly to operate. Otherwise a good "value for money" entry-level device. The R160 ebook voucher is also a nice selling point.

    Great Reader

    My wife and I each own a Kindle Touch and prefer the Gobii. For reading it may be a close second but the stunning colour and movie play back give it the edge!

    Gobi is cool

    I have bought 2 Gobi,s, one for my wife and one for myself. While simple they do the job of their more famous brand competitors. A significant plus is that one can purchase books from other ebook online stores, other than Amazon, to get titles that may not be in store at Kalahari. No regrets in this purchase.

    Gobii reader

    My wife had a Kindle from a friend to test eBook reading and enjoyed it. So we bought a Gobii reader and she found it excellent. The colour screen is ideal for night reading. Controls and finding pages is easy. She is very positive about the Gobii.

    ereader fun

    An excellent little ereader. Easy to use, gentle on the eyes and light and slim enough to take anywhere. Everyone in the family wants one!

    The eReader is good. Better than having a heavy book in your hands and don't have to worry about pages damaging. Definately the best buy so far for me.


    Love it! Easy to use,great quality.

    Gobii 7" Disappointment

    After all the hype about how good the Gobi is, no mention was made of the fact that you are unable to browse and make use of the Table of Contents of books purchased. Try paging through 1526 pages of the Bible???

    Gobi reader

    Very good

    Gobii 7 Colour LCD eReader

    Love it., Love the cover that came with it. Was a bit difficult to set up in the beginning (because im not totally computer literate - had to get help)But otherwise love it.

    Good Value for Money

    Plse don't expect an iPad or similar, but for the price - the functions and quality is excellent.

    Similar to Elonex but better

    The software on the Gobii is exactly the same as was used on the Elonex readers. It isn't great because it carries very little extra information but it generally works well. The hardware is good though, good size for the unit and screen, sleek and very light. it remains to be seen how well it handles large quantities of books though as the Elonex struggled with this. Once I have used it more, i might amend this review


    Ons het 'n gobii gekoop vir my 17 jarige dogter, wat baie lief is vir lees. Sy is baie tevrede, en geniet haar gobii vreeslik baie. Dankie.

    Gobii eReader

    Excellent product!

    gobii7 color LCD ereader

    it is soo handy and easy to use.i enjoy it

    Loved it and is enjoying it very much!

    Outstanding service

    Its always such a refreshing feeling when the service from a supplier is excellent and charming,well done Kalahari for the prompt response and delivery

    My daughter is very happy with her e-reader

    Good value for money

    Very nice !!!


    A fantastic gadget. But I miss the touch-screen function and I do wish you could connect it directly to the internet and download your books instead of via the PC. But for the price its a definate must-buy.

    Could be faster

    I like the product but it could be faster and a touch screen or a semi touch screen.Then the price could be higher. Also the memory card slot should have been placed some where else cause you keep touching it by mistake and the card pops out. also the power button at the bottom is no a good idea cause u touch it/press it when putting it into the case or when reading.

    Gobii 7" colour reader

    The e-reader arrived by courier and it did not take long to set it up with Adobe and Kalahari.net. I have downloaded three books without problems. Some new releases are as expensive as ebooks as paperbacks eg. Criminal by K.Slaughter. The soft cover is nice but I am going to purchase the firm Cover and AC Charger online.


    Dit is puik! Dankie Kalahari. Ek geniet my gobii verskriklik baie.

    gobii eReader

    I may actually get used it. Very user-friendly thus far.

    Gobii 7"


    Gobii Reader

    I am very happy with my Gobii. It is lightweight, easy to handle and operate but the only drawback is the short battery life (3 hours)

    gobii reader

    Absolutely awesome and easy to download beeks. Better than carrying paperbacks around!

    Great Value!

    At this pricepoint the Cobii gives Gr8 value for money. The interface was intuitive and I learned all the functions within an hour. Storage was easily upgraded with the SD Card option. Just be carefull not to load the device to the rim, as it got slower and slower. That is to be expected with such small processor and memory. Managing your files on the Cobii via the PC is easy so just load what you need, not to much more.. The image quality is acceptable for videos and it played everything I threw at it (Incl mkv's ! Sound is not going to blow you away but not bad so that it would distract your viewing. Reading was comfortable, but I did not read that long (It's for Mom) I had to buy a USB wall charger as my mom will not like only being able to charge it at her PC (Only USB cable included) So there was some spending to do before it was on par with what I wanted (+/- R250 incl the 16GB SD Card) but the Voucher at least helped to offset that and it will come in very handy. Happy with the purchase.


    I bought the above as a gift for my daughter but thoought I need to check that everything is working before giving it to her. I also managed to download a book I know she will love reading and pictures of her sister's wedding was also loaded. I bought the cover from the R160 free voucher. I must say I was very impressed by what this little thing could do and also because it is in colour. The pics actually looks awesome which I loaded from my computer. She is gonna be totally thrilled with her gift.

    My purchases

    I love my e reader and my books! So easy to take with you and use where-ever you are Thank you!


    I recently purchased 3 Gobii e-readers, for myself & my friends, it is just amazing, and we are enjoying the reading.

    Gobii E-reader

    I love it!!!!!!!! There are some things I wish it had like a touch screen or maybe a scroll pad but its basically the best thing to happen to me since I learned how to read! Its absolutely fantastic, I now have all my favourite books with me all the time and I can read them whenever I want. I love it!!!!

    Gobii 7" Colour eReader Black

    Great, I am sure this will serve the purpose I bought it for very well.

    Thank you kalahari I love my E reader

    Difficulty Operating

    Having great difficulty operating and getting set up at this stage

    Gobii 7 eReader

    I LOVE this product. It goes with me everywhere. When I'm bored I read or watch a movie. Definitely worth the buy.

    Gobii 7" Colour Lcd Ereader

    it is not bad expected a little more Umph! Kalahari.net service was tops AGAIN!

    Gobii 7" LCD Reader

    I am extremely pleased with this product. I find it very user friendly and comfortable to hold and read. The only thing I do wish is that the battery would last longer. Apart from that, I would definitely recommend this product.

    gobii 7" Colour LCD eReader Black

    Ek geniet hom verskriklik, oortref alle verwagtinge in. Ek wat ver van boekwinkels op 'n plaas bly, is dit soos Kersfees elke dag, want ek kan ingaan op kalahari.com en binne sekondes die boek wat ek soooooo graag wil hê in my besit hê. Sonder 'n sware tas met boeke, sit ek net vinnig my Gobii in en ek het sommer 'n heerlike klomp leesstof om van te kies en te keur soos my gemoed verlang. Ek is baie lief vir boeke en as iemand vir my vra wat kan hulle vir my as geskenk gee, was my antwoord altyd "'n Boek", dus is dit nou vir my regtig 'n baie groot heerlikheid.


    Ek love 'n boek maar dis die beste koop ooit. My familie weet as ek eers my gobii het pla niemand my nie.

    Difficult to down load

    I find it very difficult to down load any item.The Kindle is more user friendly

    Gobii ereader

    I really enjoying it. Must say if takes time to get use to the selection of options via buttons, a touch screen would be much easier.


    The Gobi is user-friendly - my only regret is that it does not have the touch screen functionality. Sound quality for music is great and the features are endless - although response time when skipping songs is a bit slow. A great investment if you enjoy reading!!

    gobii 7" eReader

    This was one of my beter purchases regarding new technology. It is easy to use and makes reading a lot easier.


    Best Gift Ever

    I bought the Gobii for my dad as a birthday gift. Really awesome.. planning to get myself one later this year! :-)

    LCD eReader

    I would to have more Afrikaans books.

    Review gobii 7

    We must drive at least 80 km to shop for books so this device help to bring a bookshop as near as my computer. The prize is also nice. The font size help also for easy reading. The only thing I do not like is the small buttons in black that I cannot see without my glasses.

    Great value for money.

    I love my gobii eReader, my friends can't believe the price I payed for it. Only that is difficult to locate the buttons in the dark. I enjoy reading with some music playing, so it suits me. As a student, I use to study about 2 hours a day, but now I just enjoy reading as long as I'm free. Thanks to this great product.

    gobii 7" Colour LCD eReader Black

    My wife, for whom I bought the gobii 7" Colour LCD eReader really likes it so far. A few sluggish buttons here and there, but it is still new and it obviously takes a bit of getting used to. Great delivery service from Kalahari, as always.

    Gobii 7" eReader

    Moes dit al 'n jaar terug gedoen het. Geniet dit baie, lees baie gemaklik en dit los klomp probleme op. Oe wat agteruitgaan, boeke wat te veel en te swaar word. Waardeer dit netsoveel as 'n regte boek.

    Product and service

    Both the product and the service I received are brilliant!

    gobii 7" Colout LCD eReader Black

    Best buy very happy with this product!

    E Raeder plus other articles

    The service was eccelent and My wife and I enjoy the equipment and books very much. Thanks a lot

    Great Reader

    Been reading on my Gobii 7 for a week now and am very pleased with it. Took a bit to get used to the control buttons, but now OK with them. Clarity on the screen is great and the 4GB on board is enough for > 1000 E-Books. Prefer the Gobii 7 to a Kindle


    VERY dissapointed in battery life, not only 3 full hours on only reading ebooks, but love the gobii itself

    Love it

    What an awesome device! Love it.


    Ek kan glad nie op die Bybel kies uit watter boek van die Bybel ek wil lees nie. Dis glad nie baie vars nie. Ons wou vir elkeen in die gesin 'n gobii koop, gaan dit defnitief nie meer doen nie.

    gobii 7" Colour Lcd Ereader

    initially battled to open book once loaded onto ereader.Problem was "efile protected ?"However it seemed to sort itself out and now am quite happy with my purchase.

    LCD e-Reader

    The product is great. There needs to be better instructions to load down. Not very user friendly

    Gobii eReader

    Very satisfied with the purchase. It is easy to use and to download books is quick and easy. You can also watch movies on it or listen to music. Have no regrets at all after buying the gobii. A great item for people who enjoy reading.

    Baught it December and loved it.Gobii kept going off for no reason,so I returned it to Kalahari,and I would like to thank them for ther fast work in replacing my gobii.You guys are great.Can't wait to start reading again.What a wonderfull site.

    bought it for my gf but now iam jelouse

    Gobii 7 "

    User friendly

    Gobii 7 and voucher

    The gobii dooes the trick for me and the ebook choice isnt bad either. Only if the gobii was touch screen, it would be more than perfect. Good product.


    Ek is heeltemal tevrede met die dien wat ek ontvang het.

    Zoom function not great

    Brought it for my dad who has trouble reading small print. The zoom function is ok, but could have done with bigger font. Battery life is also not great as it run out within a few hours, after being fully charged. Not being able to charge it directly but always through a computer is not great. Otherwise good.

    Love my Gobii

    I love my Gobii, i take it with me everywhere. Its easy on your eyes and you can read in the dark without straining your eyes. Best buy ever. I got most of my friends hooked as well. Awesome, and Kalahari delivery service is top class.

    Gobii e-book reader

    excellent product

    What a handy item to have in your handbag. Very user friendly.

    I have to compliment Kalahari - this is a stunning and very exciting item! I would recommend it to anyone thinking of purchasing something like this! It is easy to use, and I take it everywhere I go! Thank you for an excellent product!

    gobii 7 Colour eReader

    Very goog, money well spend.

    I Love it! It's the best prezzie I got for xmas

    Gobii 7" ereader

    Once you get use to it, it is a very nice "toy"

    gobii 7" Colour LCD eReader Black

    very nice!!! totally satisfied


    Its nice enough, doesnt allow for creating folders forthe books, and would have been nice to be have mouse over some words as a dictionary. but it is compact and convenient.

    gobii 7" Colour LCD eReader

    Bought the reader for my 12 year old son. He likes the ability to add pics & videos. It's inexpensive and screen is good. Negatives: can be a bit slow & only lasts about 8 hours.

    gobii 7" Colouer LCD eReader

    'n Oulike eReader in sy prysklas. Ek geniet dit om veral saans te lees, die skrif is duidelik. Ek vind net dat die battery afloop al gebruik jy nie die reader nie. Is dit normaal? Verder nie klagtes nie.

    Excellent product

    Easy to use and worth the money.

    Gobii 7" Colour LCD eReader

    It is absolutely amazing! I love it and it is just the perfect size. I don't know how I could have been without one for so long. I will be traveling abroad shortly and I'm so glad I have my Gobii to take along with me. Thank you so much!!!


    I only received excellent service from Kalahari. The Gobii is an excellent product. Easy to use. Thank you

    Internet connectivity

    Pity the device cannot connect to the internet for one to purchase ebooks direcetly from kalahari to the eReader.

    I thank you very much for your new release I find it a wonderful device the handling and screen are great easy to read and I find it a good asset for myself.

    gobii 7"

    very happy

    After previously purchasing another brand of e-reader and being extremely disappointed, the Gobii came to my rescue. It is a very easy to use e-reader and does exactly what it needs to do. Highly highly recommended!

    Gobii eReader

    I love it. I can take it anywhere with me and read!

    Purchace & Delivery of gobii 7'' Colour LCD

    Hi, I am very satisfied with your service. I was not at home at the time of the delivery and your courier delivered my parcel to our Info centre. They phoned me from there to advise me of my parcel being there. I really appreciate it very much.

    Gobo e-reader

    I am so happy with the gobii it saves space no need to search for a place to pack all my books . It is so cool! It's one of the best purchases I've made so far

    Gobii e-reader

    GREAT service, GREAT product keep up the GOOD work.

    gobii 7" eReader

    Love it! Can't get enough of my eReader!

    gobii 7" LCD eReader + ........

    I am satisfy with this item which I have bought from kalahari, the R10-00 voucher will be used in due time - thanks for KALAHARI com

    Uitstekend !!

    Baie flinke diens en goeie produkte. Baie dankie

    Nice product

    Excellent e reader

    Love it, just what I was looking for.

    gobii e-reader

    Great product

    Although the e-reader works perfect, it does not facilitate the features offered in reference books. It is purely for reading, not for research and cross referencing for which I should have purchased a tablet.



    Good service and quick delivery

    Best eReader

    The Gobii eReader is fantastic. Reading is easy. The pictures can be seen clearly. And the music is a wonderful extra while reading.

    Gobii 7

    I am happy with my recent purchase of the Gobii eReader and with the help of support team at kalahari have successfully downloaded my purchase of two books. A little disappointed that some titles are not available on the ebook list. Very impressed with service from Kalahari.com. Overall though an excellent choice

    Great Product and Value

    My son bought the ereader for himself and has raved about it since..

    Great price for a great e-reader

    Love the e reader and for that price its a bargan

    Gobi E Reader

    I am enjoying my E Reader and only have one dissapointing feature. I cannot charge the e reader and read at the same time. Charging makes the erader unobtainable, if would be nice if I could plug the device in and read at the same time

    Gobii reader

    I love my reader. Downloads are fast and easy. Whenever I have a break, my reader comes out. It automatically takes you to the page you last read. Really cool product.

    I love the fact that i can choose from reading to watching a movie on the Gobii, i would have liked it more if it where touch screen.

    gobii 7" Colour LCD eReader Black + R160 eBook Vou


    Eks mal oor my gobii7

    Gobii eReader

    This is a great universal entertainment device, especially if you travel a lot. You can read your favorite book. In business meetings access saved product specs or photographs,if you don't want to carry a PC around. At the hotel watch a movie or just listening to music. It is truly worth every penny. In addition to this Kalahari.com provides an exemplary service! I shall continue making use of this on-line shop.

    Gobii e-reader

    I like my e-reader very much. No heavy books to carry around and to hold in my painful hands. The e-reader is light and a pleasure to handle. It also remembers the last page that you've read so no more searching for the last page that you were reading.

    Gobii eraeader

    Most impressed with the simplicity and standardized operation. Once you get the hang of downloading ebooks it is a pleasure reading them.

    Very nice e-book reader once you get to know how the software works.I found that a different version of caliber was a lot simpler to work




    Gobii - EReader

    I am totally satisfied / pleased with this product. Easy to use and the backlight is great when flying as the reader can be used in the dark on overnight flights . The instruction manual which is electronically included is very good and any problems in startup can be assisted with the Ereader helpline on Kalahari.com.

    Gobii ereader

    I love my new ereader not only can I read my favourite books (for MUCH cheaper) I can listen to musice while I read. Instead of going to bed @ 9 previously I now go to bes way pas midnight, I just can't put my "book" down, I even take it work. Warning: It's addictive (heheheee)

    The Gobii

    The best gadget ever!!!I really dont' know how I lived without it...The features are exactly what I need and want in this E-Reader. Awesome product!

    Gobii LCD Reader

    I enjoy every interaction i have with this Gobii. This is a nice to have product

    A whole new world

    I am loving my new Gobii eReader. It is easy to use, brilliantly organises content and the colour screen is a true pleasure, as I often read design and art books. I love that I do not have to carry a seperate device for my music and photos either. The only drawback, if you can even call it that, is that the navigation buttons do not have a backlight, so when reading in a darkened room it can often be difficult to find the button you are looking for. I would truly recommend this eReader to anyone.

    Very Impressed

    i was very happy with the Gobii. i bought on a whim and dont regret it.

    Gobii 7" Colour Lcd Ereader Black + R160 Ebook Vou

    Great Product, thanks Kalahari for a great service!!

    Gobii 7" eReader

    The Gobii is great and does all I expected it to do. Delivery was within 48 hours as promised.

    Latest Purchase

    Great experience. Could trace my order and were given prompt feedback. Spot on delivery. Will do it again. Thanks

    Gobii e reader

    excellent!!!! awesome!!!!

    E-reader purchase

    Excellent service!

    gobi reader

    Amazing, I totally love it

    gobii reader

    best buy i ever made....use to spend an average of R300.00 for books every second month or so.....no i buy data and download books to my hearts content.... will buy another one soon.... just one bad thing about it....my wife has a new friend.....lol

    great produt

    Gobii7" Colour LCD

    i enjoy my e-reader very much, my only problem that i have is that i have to charge it every 6 hours. it is great fun and a great way of "losing" myself in a story

    Gobii 7

    Just love it!!

    Gobii colour lcd e reader

    Ecellent buy enjoying reading books

    Good product

    Excellent Reader

    Was pleasantly surprised with your product. Can Recommend. Benita

    The best gift ever

    I received my GOBI for Xmas and it is the best gift I ever received. It is soo simple to use. I love it!!!!!

    The device is not very user friendly

    Gobii the local Budget eReader

    Good overall eReader for this price but can be made better with a few touchups. This is a great eReader for viewing coloured documents,photos,ebooks etc. Have to commend its wide variety of format support, however the buttons are my only complaint. they are very slow and unresponsive. it really needs to be redesigned properly, perhaps an optical trackpad or atouch screen would be better.

    Goeie diens

    Kalahari se diens is professioneel en betroubaar. gobii 7" is 'n goeie produk, my ma (85) lees lekker! Dankie.

    MOBII e reader

    Still unable to read ebooks after many hours of several people trying to download documents and software. Would like to return and claim refund to then purchase another product with proper support and easy operations.

    Great E-Reader

    This is my first e-reader and I'm very happy with it! Reading on it is so easy. But I must say I use it a lot to just listen to music :) You can also watch video's and DVD's on it, it's great I love it!

    Gobii eReader

    Die eReader is werklik maklik om te gebruik. Die skerm is mooi helder en die klank is goed. Die aflaai van boeke was ook nie te ingewikkeld nie. Was bly om te sien dat jy foto's, dvd en musiek ook kan laai. Beslis die geld(wat weklik nie baie was nie) werd.

    eReader well received

    The order process and rapid delivery went smoothly despite being only ordered 4 days before Christmas. The eReader was easy to setup and get into operation and the recipient is very happy with it and uses it every day. Applying the voucher against an eBook purchase was also very easy. Great stuff guys, keep it up.

    Bought it for my wife, she reads more pages at a time than she usually did on paper based books. She can read lying on the cauch or bed because its not heavy.

    Gobii 7

    I would love to give a good review and will hopefully do it soon but I have not been able to download any of the books I chose and am still waiting for the support team to assist me. I'm sure my rating will be a 5

    gobii eReader

    Bought reader for my 88 year old Mom and she is having no problem using it.You do not need to charge it thru laptop you can simply buy a connection which plugs into a wall plug for R299 from a computer shop.It is wonderful to see her being able to read again.Excellent value compared to what else is on market plus you can buy loads of Afrikaans books which is limited off other international sites.

    I love my gobii

    Really a great gift, I have not put my gobii since I got it!


    I bought the e-reader for my boyfriend for Christmas. He is studying and i thought its ideal to use instead of all the books, and he is so in love with it!

    Five Star Reading!

    I think the title says it all! I can however say the buttons are hard to find in the dark, but the actual device is lightweight and compact, yet very user friendly.


    It s a fine product, it finally just appear much smaller than what the product originally appeared. But the product works fine. I will claim my voucher as soon as my required book appears. The delivery was smooth!


    Really love the Gobii ereader. Only as per a previous review the black buttons are hard to find in the dark. Price is right and Kalahari's delivery service and feedback is awesome.

    Gobii reader

    Good buy. value for money

    Gobi E-Reader en boekkoopbewys

    Ek was regtig bang om hierdie elektroniese leesapparaat aan te koop,maar als onnodig! Dit werk vreeslik eenvoudig en saam met die koopbewys is dit die beste geskenk aan myself nog.Die aflewering was verrassend vinnig.Mooi so Kalahari.

    Gobii 7 LCD eReader

    Love it!

    Gobii eReader

    Baie tevrede met die produk.Is baie maklik om te gebruik,veral vir eerste keer gebruiker.Baie mooi afgewerk en 'n gerieflike grootte. Die beheer knoppies is nie maklik om te gebruik in die aand nie,want dit het nie liggies by nie. Om die eReader App af te laai,was ook nie moeilik nie.Die eReader kom saam met oorfone en 'n sakkie. Goeie waarde vir jou geld.

    It was a great buy, my wife was ecstatic.

    e reader

    brilliant delivery,thanks Kalahari,got here in time for xmas. e reader a bit hard on the eyes,and doesnt keep settings,compared to kindle. but so easy to buy books and to download.

    I am quite impressed with these units . Offer much more than the competition and work well.

    gobii 7"

    loving my gobii, just wish I had more time to use it!! No real negative comment from me, except for the battery life, but this has not affected me, it's so easy to recharge!! It's affordable, the picture & sound quality is great!!

    Awsome Gobii eReader

    this product is fantastic. no complaints about the batter life. the fact that it's a colour reader is awsome as I get to view videos, pictures, etc. its easy to add on new books, pics, etc and the best part it that it's so mobile!!! love it!

    gobii 7" COLOUR LCD eREADER

    It was a gift for my daughter and she just loves it. The downloading is easy and the eReader is easy to carry with you wherever you go. It is versatile and I can see why users and owners of the gobii is "addicted" to it. I am now thinking of buying one for myself.

    Gobi delivery

    I did not expect to receive my order before Chrismas since it was on pre-order. However,I was very happy when Kalahari delivered on the weekend before Christmas.


    fantastic! love my purchase! have not yet figured out how to load videos and photos, but the books were easy and painless to load

    No regrets!!

    I absolutely love this product. I have watched all five seasons of Castle on it without any hitches. Reading is a breeze as well. No strain on the eyes whatsoever. The battery lasts a lifetime!

    Gobi EReader

    Great product. So far so good!!

    gobii 7" Colour LCD eReader

    Very versatile eReader. Multiple format. It is the best by far if you do not require 3g or wifi on your reader.

    Value for money

    The Gobii is real value for money and competative with other similar products that cost a whole lot more. Extremely easy to set up and use.

    Gobii 7" Colour LCD eReader

    I think the Gobii is great, only thing I'm not that happy with is it's battery life. After charging it for more than 6 hours (1st charge), the battery didn't last very long. Loaded some books and after a day of not using it, it was already half way down. I'm a kindle owner, bought this for my sister for Xmas and my kindle's battery lasts weeks to months when not in use. Other than that I have no complaints, made a great gift.

    Gobii Ereader

    Great product with all features required. My wife, an avid reader is delighted with her Christmas present.

    Gobbii e-book

    I am totaly in love with this e-book. It is so easy to use,and nice to read.

    GOBII 7" Colour LCD eReader

    Easy to handle. Easy file management. Haven't used audio or video features as yet. Good Value for Money

    Fantastic product.

    I am a book addict and didn't know how well I would adjust to an electronic reading method, but I am loving it. Best thing Father Christmas brought me this year.

    gobii 7" Colour LCD eReader

    - the gobii reader has an easy to use interface - adding books via usb is simple - the price is a bonus - able to play music, movies & view JPG's on the minus side: - brightness settings should allow one to set it lower; its too bright even on zer

    gobii 7" eReader

    Good product, easy to use and install. The only negative is that it can only charge by plugging it into a PC. There is no plug to use in an electric socket.

    gobii eReader

    This is my first and only eReader to date. I love it, but I do think the battery life is not good enough.

    The Gobii is excellent, and the service I received from Kalahari.net, absolute fantastic, so fast!

    Gobii E-Reader

    This is the best buy I have made in years. Thank you Kalahari for bringing this product to me at my doorstep. Good value for money.


    I find that it's really good. My only issue with it is that the music player hasn't got a stop "button".

    What a pleasure for reading

    My husband brought me Gobii colour LCD ereader last year and I loved it. So nice to be able to read without any light and allow him to sleep. So this year I brought him one and he feels the same so much easier than turning pages and keeping your place is done automatically, we love them.

    Gobi e reader

    Brilliant as a reader, for DVD's, photos and music! Easy to read in the dark. Only negative is that it is not touch screen.

    Fun stuff

    My Gobii is funky and fun, but not that easy to get into at first. I am an avid reader and am inclined to become impatient if things don't happen fast enough for me. Especially if I am gasping for a reading session and have to work hard first. I shall persevere though! I am still waiting for my leatherette cover and book voucher and look forward to that.

    gobii 7" Colour LCD eReader Black + R160 eBook Vou


    gobii great

    i found the service and delivery to be speedy and efficient.the gobii is a cool gadget that does everything it says on the box with a smile.

    gobii eReader

    Bought 2, but just 1 could be linked up to pc. The 2nd one I could drop the books into, but can not read as it says "ebook file protected" Many phonecalls and still no joy.

    Exellent gift. Great value for money. Highly recommended!

    Gobii 7"

    Werk perfek vir my.

    This is an absolute useless product. I could have thrown the money in the water

    Gobii ereader

    Fantastic - best buy this Christmas!

    gobii e-reader

    What a geat product. Love every second of it. Will recommend it to anybody. Thnx

    Gobii E-Reader

    I just love my Gobii. The fact that I can listen to music whilst reading is fantastic. Lightweight, so I am able to take it everywhere. If I must have a negative my only complaint would be that the buttons are really hard to find in the dark.


    I absolutely LOVE my Gobii, I have ordered another one for my mom. Its so easy to use and travels everywhere with me so I can always have my books with me wherever I am.

    gobii 7

    What a bargain! I personally feel that you cant expect a state of the art hi-tech gadget for this price and bearing this in mind think that the Gobii E Reader is fantastic. While you arent able to connect to the internet wirelessly or download straight to the device as you are with the Kindle. You can download onto your pc and transfer with the provided USB cable. It has fantastic sound and picture clarity for listening to music or viewing your favourite Movie, Series or Concert. It reads most common formats and the onboard memory is more than sufficient to get you started! Well done Kalahari! This E Reader is definitely worth the price!

    Gobii e-reader

    Enjoying it very much. Great service from Kalahari


    I absolutely love my ereader. Now I can take it with me wherever I go. Long lasting battery. The only negative thing is the buttons which needs to be memorised for when used in the dark. I also love the leather cover which makes it so much easier to carry around with you and to keep the screen from scratching.

    gobii 7" colour LCD eReader Black

    The control/function keys are just impossible for a man to work with and are so tiny and cannot be seen easily. Very dissapointed.

    gobii 7" LCD eReader

    I've waited a long time to be convinced that an e-reader is better of different from a normal book. Me and my husband loves reading and he is always reading this 500page books. When I realised we don't have space for them anymore, I was convinced to buy an e-reader. With the special that Kalahari had over the festive season of R160 book voucher, I bought this. What a pleasure!! I already bought a few books for hubby and me....problem now is who is getting it, so I can see that there will be 2 e-readers soon!!! The gobii is to my experience 100% what I was looking for in the light of its price. Thanks to Kalahari for this great offer!!

    gobi e reader

    awesome, I bought the reader for my wife, she loves it, she has downloaded books and is curently watching her favourite soapie off it. she has downloaded music, dvds and e books. now i want one.


    I had a TFT Colour EBook Reader which was stolen recently. I purchased the Gobii 7" LCD eReader and I just love everything about it. Its small and compact and fits right into my handbag. What a great buy!

    Compact & practical

    Practical and compact, being 7 inches you can use it without getting tired if you're holding it up.

    Gobii pleasure

    I am very satisfied with my Gobii. I wanted something to replaced hard copy books and this is exactly what the Gobii does. Nothing fancy, what you see is what you get. And all this for a very great, very low prices. Worth every cent.

    Gobi reader

    Enjoy it very much have no problems with it

    gobii 7


    Good value for money

    I'm very satisfied with the Gobii Colour LCD eReader and I think it is really good value for the money if one take in account the prices of similar eReaders. It is really very user friendly and it is a most enjoyable experience using the eReader. Thank you Kalahari.com for an excellent product!

    gobii 7" Colour LCD eReader Black + R160 eBook Vou

    I received very fast, efficient service from Kalahari. Even got my package day before the indicated delivery date. Keep up the good work team.


    The gobii eReader is awesome and so user friendly.

    Love it lots!!!!

    WOW !!!!!!

    I am very impressed with your service. Could not believe that i have ordered the e-reader the afternoon and the next morning it was on my desk. Thank you for excellent service.

    gr8 * * * * *

    Thank you for a gr8 product. reading on my gobii easy, very comfortable. the screen for watching vidios is gr8. All rond a good buy.


    I think the Gobi ereader is perfect for me and my wife

    The most sophisticated designed e-reader

    You won't make a mistake buying the gobies e reader. What attracted me to the device is reading in bed with the lights off. Movies are crystal clear, fits in my hand bag. Love it.

    Gobii ereader

    Easy to use and lightweight.

    Awesome service

    We received awesome service from Kalahari.com. We bought a Gobii previously but unfortunately experienced problems with the battery. After testing the defective product, Kalahari.com replaced the defective Gobii .

    Gobii - well priced

    I have not compared the e-reader with others and feel that it remains a good buy at the price.


    Thank you for speedy delivery of my gobii eReader. Have not used it yet. But Im certain it will be fantastic! Thank you for excellent service.

    gobii 7" Colour LCD eReader Black + R160 eBook Vou

    Good Value , Awesome Service

    WONDERFUL!!!! 110%

    die gobii maak dit maklik om baie boeke in my handsak te sit! i love it

    gobii 7"

    Very, very happy with my new gobii

    fabulous Gobi eReader

    This product is fantastic to use. I had very little problems downloading my ebooks from Kalahari.com. Sales people very helpful whenever I needed help in getting started. Voucher was a fantastic bonus to buy more ebooks for me. Love this item.All my books stored in one device and also bookmarks the pages as well.


    I really enjoy the product. It is just some times that the reader restarts itself without warning and that the font changes without warning and you struggle to get it back.

    gobii 7"

    Great product!!!!

    Gobii 7" Colour LCD eReader

    Christmas presents for my boys - so we have not used them as yet!!

    Gobii e-reader

    I bought this device for my daughter. She has thoroughly enjoyed using it. It's easy to use and works very well. Excellent value for money!

    Best value for money!

    Before i bought the Gobii I looked at a lot of ebook readers and not being a fan of e-ink, the bac@#$& colour screen Gobii got my attention. Best buy i have made in a while! I love that i can take all my books with me and read in the dark and watch movies on the go! The screen quality on movies is great! Love it!

    Old school sees the reading light

    I'm seriously technologically disadvantaged. It took me a while to figure out how to set up my Gobii, but it's been an absolute pleasure since. I even downloaded a couple books for my little one and now we can share some quality reading time anywhere, anytime! My only gripe : can't read international titles bought from Amazon on my Gobii. Hopefully someday soon (nudge-nudge-wink-wink to IT)


    Really love it, the box is awesome and so well presented. My fiance is gonna love his Christmas gift!

    Gobii leather pouch

    the best

    Gobii eReader

    Ek het eers die naweek my boek gelaai. Was nog baie besig en is nog nie heeltemal vertroud met die reader nie. Hoop ek kan dit ten volle bemeester

    Setup is quite annoying, but the reader works well.

    Gobii 7

    Excellent service. I love reading even more now

    Shockingly good.

    I have a Kindle touch but this Gobii is a shocker. The zoom button makes using this gadget so effective I cannot believe it took me so long to get one. I did not even follow any funny instructions. Just connected it to my laptop and loaded my PDF documents onto it.Bingo, and I was reading. Big up to the creators. Job well done.


    I bought this Gobii eReader for myself and my parents were so worried about trying to use it. It took a few attempts to get used to it but it is ow like second nature. You can store photographs, movies, video clips, music and thousands of eBooks on it. My mother used it to read the trilogy of 50 Shades of Grey and did it within 5 days! She absolutely loved it. Such a wonderful gift and so easy to use.


    Product, service 150%

    Gobii 7"

    I don't know. It is an X-Mas present, and will only know after X-Mas!

    gobii 7" Colour LCD eReader Black + R160 eBook Vou

    Baie goeie diens ontvang!

    gobii 7" Colour LCD eReader Black + R160 eBook Vou

    Excellent, my daughter is so happy with her early Christmas gift.

    Wow what a great product!Fits easy in to your handbag to read anywhere and at any time.

    I am enjoying the eReader. I have had reason to contact support with a question regarding the wall charger which is faulty and all has been resolved.

    Gobii eReader

    I have purchase the above, and since I have received it I can not put it down. I have read two books already and it is the most convenient way of reading. I will most definitely recommend the e-Reader.

    gobii 7"

    Great product, I love it!!

    It is a Xmas present

    Gobii Review

    I find this unit to be very good and user friendly. I am impressed with the functionality for a cheaper brand of e-reader. It does what it is supposed to do and more. It must be said, the instructions for setting up the unit and downloading the e-reader app need to include a few more pointers, such as make sure your time and date settings are correct, otherwise the Adobe Account will not autenticate, after a lengthly support call, we eventually found that that was the problem. Other then that, great product. Furthermore, I want to comment Connie Wepner from the support office who helped me, she was a star.


    I love the Gobii eReader. it is great value for money. i bought it for my wife's birthday and she is over the moon with the product. also im very happy with kalahari's service.

    gobi 7" eReader

    Best buy made in the last year


    I found the service and purchasing process at Kalahari exceptional, goods was delivered in a good time frame. I would definitely purchase from Kalahari in the future, The product I purchased is awesome as well.

    Gobii ereader is 'n droom

    Ek love my Gobii ereader. Ek is nie te gemaklik met al die nuwe tegnologie nie maar kom baie goed klaar met die Gobii, van boeke aflaai tot musiek en videos. Vir die ongelooflike prys kan ek regtig die Gobii vir enige iemand aanbeveel. Ek het net die stappe soos op die inligtingspapier gevolg en alles het seepglad verloop. Was vinnig en maklik.

    gobii 7" Colour LCD eReader Black + R160 eBook Vou


    Brilliant, brilliant. I am so excited. I always have something to read no matter where I am. The best thing is I can load Afrikaans Books

    It Works

    you want an ebook reader - just an ebook reader - then this will do - no distractions with setting wifi or 3g etc cos it has none - just do what you want it to do - display books

    Best Book Ever

    Just love this e-reader.

    gobii reader

    EXCELLENT ! I'm loving it especially the size of the text that can be changed - sometimes "old" eyes need the bigger font. I use it a lot and do find that the battery needs to be charged about every 2nd day, but that's not a problem to me - I do it during the night so that it's fresh for the next stint of reading.

    Must have!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The Gobi is a excellent friend. Easy to understand and easy to down load books.

    Gobii eReader

    I love this product!

    Purchase of gobii 7

    The service was absolutely outstanding. Thank you very much.

    Gobi reader

    Excellent - easy to handle, carry and use

    Gobbi e Reader

    Stunning - beter than the e-book my friend got from Amazone.

    gobbi 7" eReader

    Great Product!

    Good stuff

    I enjoy my Gobii 7" Colour LCD e Reader. Easy to operate during the day, but difficult to see buttons on the side at night without a reading light. Downloaded a few books already, including the Bible, which makes it a WOW!! I had to add bookmarks of course to make it easier to find the different bible books and although it was a bit time consuming it was easy and worth it.


    I have a couple of ebooks, the kind you'd read more than once. I had to read them on my pc before I got the gobii. Awesome, I can read the books from anywhere now. And I can get more books on this portable device.

    Gobii 7" Colour LCD eReader

    All great - just operating buttons black, same as eReader, difficult to operate.

    Gobii reader

    Great value for money.

    Gobii 7" Colour LCD eReader

    I purchased the Gobii 7" Colour LCD eReader for my 15 year old daughter. She loves to read and watch movies.She has already purchased 2 books.She is loving it and cannot get herself to put it down. Its a winner and I might even look at getting everyone else in the family one too. Thank you Kalahari...

    Lovely device

    Not pricy at all and works wonderfully with the e-books!

    Great product at this price

    Have enjoyed using this product.

    Excellent product

    I had a Kindle that was stolen, and decided to replace it with a Gobii. I can honestly say that this is an excellent eReader. I would recommend it to anyone that asks.

    gobii 7" Colour LCD eReader Black

    At the price great. Read book while listening to music in the background is wonderful. Have not tried movie or video yet and am sure I will not be disappointed

    Good Buy

    Really loving the new e-reader. My first maybe thats why I love it...

    Re gobbi 7 ' LCD eReader

    Im so happy with it, it is easy to set up and it works absolutely fabulous, very easy and a very good buy for such a low price

    Gobii 7"

    Love it and love it. Goes with me everywhere. Couldn't have asked for a better gift.

    love it love it love it

    The Gobi 7" Ebook reader

    THis product is Awsome. Its easy to use and affordable :-)

    Gobi e-reader

    I am very happy with the e-reader,your quick response and fast delivery of the goods.

    Gobii 7" Colour LCD reader

    I like the Gobii but would really love it if it had touch screen controls. The on/off button is a bit small and over sensitive. Overall a good product.

    it works very well and I'm really enjoying my books. However, it takes a while to figure out how to get the e-book onto the e-reader.

    Wow - so cool to have

    Wow - I just love my Gobii. I bought it for my birthday and I absolutely love it. A friend of mine said she prefers paging through a book. Then I said, but you can't carry lots of books around with you and you can't read books in bed at night with the lights off so you don't disturb anyone else. I haven't used the video or music sections as yet though. Still learning. You can list the book in book name order or author's name order. I love that you can choose to Rotate or have the auto-rotation on. You can bookmark various books and pages at the same time, so it is easy to share the Gobii as well, without loosing your place in the book that you are busy with.

    Crazy about my GOBII

    I am so glad that I decided to buy the Gobii. Its a very handy gadget if you love reading. And I love the fact that I can listen to music and watch movies while on the go... All my friends and family wants one now as well!! You will not regret buying it :)

    Absolutely loving it!!!!

    After a few set up glitches, I must say "I am absolutely in love!" The ereader has restored my passion for reading and I'm telling all my friends about it.


    Very Happy with my Gobi Reader, after a few false start in getting it up and running I am now very pleased

    Gobii Reader


    Gobii struggles a bit!

    If you want to buy this to view academic and software manuals that have diagrams then its not the reader for you. Its capabilities are limited to black letters on a white background as in a book. Additionally the 'zoom' feature is not exactly this, its more of an 'enlargement' feature and for drawings and diagrams, it would seem that the Gobii cannot cope and the 'enlargement' feature fails. I had to return my Gobii however, if you want it just for reading books, it does the job!

    gobii 7" Colour LCD eReader

    All I can say, is that I'm very happy and I have already recommended the gobii to some of my friends. It also doesn't take as long as the one recommendation said to charge, so I'm very pleased with the whole package. Just can't wait to get the sleeve!

    gobii 7

    Well done

    Great Product!!!!!!

    Easy to use, price right.

    Gobi ereader

    I purchased the Gobi ereader two weeks ago. My daughter loves it. The clarity of the movies are absolutely fantastc. Easy to view and listen. With regards to the ereader, I find when reading a book or even trying to enlargen the font, it takes a long time for this to happen and for pages to change. Please can you advise on this. Other than that, its a wonderful tool to have especially for the kids.

    Excellent Product

    I must admit my first Gobii gave me a hard time after about three weeks of use. But Kalahari gladly sent me a new one. And this time there is no complaints. It works beautifully. I would recommend that if you love reading and you ran out of space because of all the books you have purchased, this is the way to go. It reads easier than a book and is more mobile and user-friendly. No way the wind is going to turn your pages. This is a great step forward!

    Gobi reader

    Very happy with the product. So easy to use as well

    Gobi E-Reader

    I am totally satisfied, and I have no problems downloading books or music onto it. Would recommend it for sure :)

    Gobii 7

    I love the Gobii. It is very affordable and I loved the voucher. I have seen the Kindle and must admit it looks sleek and classy. The price of the Gobii is so reasonable and the downloading of the books was easy. Thanks also for fast delivery by kalahari. Corrie Putter

    My Gobii

    I love my Gobii. I am so thrilled that i invested in this. The downer was that i had to wait 3 days to receive it.

    gobii 7 colour LCD eReader


    so happy

    I am truelly happpy with what I bought , I am extremely picky and for some reason the kindle was not all that for me. Yet I really love my ereader the screen is crisp white , the picture is clear and the sound good. Only complaint i have is that the buttons are really hard to find in the dark.


    Its my first ereader and I am loving it. I read a few books already and for a first time user it is fairly simple to use. The only setback is the buttons are hard to see. I still think that for it's price, it is great value, I will most definitely recommend it to others....

    Gobii 7"

    A great product. Compared to other eReaders, it has many extras that other leading brands don't have. The movie player that plays many popular formats, incl .avi and .mov, are a big bonus. The photo viewer, with slide show, again great. Music player, great. Only down side is that there is no direct audio; one needs to use headphones.

    I bought this as a gift for my partner and she loves it. She is an avid reader and enjoys the clear text and easy to use controls.

    gobii 7" ereader

    really great!!

    Love love love it!

    Whilst the gobii is not perfect and doesn't match up to the kindle as far as battery life goes, it is definitely one of the best things I have purchased! It is awesome to be able to play music and video as well as use it as an e-reader. The battery life to me is the only flaw, but the fact that it is a 3 in one device more than makes up for it! Love my gobii and really happy with it. I don't find any software problems with it as far as it 'hanging', granted it does not work like any other tablet or a kindle, over all it is a great little product and at only 800 bucks it is definitely worth it! Would strongly recommend this to someone looking for a well priced e reader that comes with 2 bonus features like the video viewing and music. Thanks for this product :)

    Review Gobii E-Reader

    Kalahari!! What a Brilliant product you have discovered. The Gobii is the absolute BEST gadget I have had. Slim and mobile with so many features. Much better than the Kindle! I am loving reading books, downloading music and watching movies on it. All I can say, if you haven't got one, GET ONE!!

    gobii 7" Colour LCD eReader

    Shopping expieriece was very good, take 5 working days to deliver

    Good service

    Gobii e reader

    the gobii e reader absolutely Fabulous easy reading and no more carrying loads of books with you

    My gobii eReader

    I love my gobii and take it everywhere with me. I actually have to hide it from my daughter who has probably used it more than I have. An excellent idea as a gift for her. My grandchildren love the fact that they can watch movies!! An absolutely fantastic buy enjoyed by all. I love the fact that the font can be enlarged. I just love my gobii !!!

    Value for money

    The Gobii is very basic but has all the features necessary as a reader. If reading is all you need then the Gobii is great value for money.

    Kalahari Service

    Well, I can't rate the service I received from Kalahari highly enough. From placing order to delivery - on schedule. As for the product itself - unable to rate as yet as not used it!! Watch this space....



    Easy Reading

    I love my Gobii. It is easy to read, light to hold and small enough to pack in your handbag making it very convenient to use. I still love the feel of books but there is definitely a place for my Gobii. Going on holiday now leaves more packing room for other things. I'm even considering buying one for my technology challenged father who will easily be able to navigate his way around a Gobii.

    gobii ereader

    and amazing product. Well worth the purchase

    Best gift for children

    Bought it for my grandchild, best ever gift anyone can give his children.

    GObii 7" LCD eReader Black

    This is a very beautiful e-reader that is easy to the touch and once you get the hang of the controls works fine. The only problem that i have with it is the somewhat cumbersome navigation as well as the fact that the reaction time is slow when trying to access books on the SD card. I have had cheaper e-readers in the past that reacted faster.

    Very great

    Good buy

    We bought this device for our bookworm daughter. After some research and looking and the Kindle we decided that the gobii would be the better choice. And she loves it. She bought her first two books with her voucher and has since added to her "stash". She especially likes that she can read even if the light in the room is inadequate and that she can listen to music while reading. She also watches movies and series on the device. All in all it was a good purchase and has brought her much pleasure already.

    my new gobii 7"

    The telephone assistance to get started was excellent. Being nearly 70 years of age and not very geared up with technology your telephonic help was of great assistance. I now enjoy reading my new books. Thanks a lot!

    gobii 7" Colour LCD eReader

    What a nifty little gadget at an affordable price. Very easy to set up and use. It definately encouraged me to read more.

    Gobii eReader

    Fantastic! We now have 2 in the family, the older white version and the new black version. Both are exceptional readers and outstanding value for money!

    Love It!!

    Im no technology junkie, but I lOVE my new Gobii. For me, the big book junkie, this is the best thing ever. User friendly! The font settings are great and the screen is so clear. Watching a movie is the best! Downloading books are easy without any problems. Realy helps with space as I now dont have to stack books in every corner of my house. Realy great for ANYONE!!

    The Gobii E - reader

    I actually bought this piece of equipment for my wife, and she is absolutely delighted with it. I'm not sure whether that was a good thing or not, because I get totally ignored now.

    Very easy to use, great for reading and even watching some movies on. Very happy with my purchase

    Baie tevrede. Moes dit lankal aangeskaf het. Maklik om te gebruik en glad nie duur nie. Dankie vir 'n puik produk

    Gobii e reader

    I love it, Work very well



    Gobii 7" Colour LCD Reader

    The Gobii 7” colour LCD eReader is a pleasure to work with. Compact easy to use. Having many fun hours with it. It was definitely a good buy

    good very very good

    I have had my gobii now for 3 months and i have to say its awesome i have already finished reading 3 books and i have had no pain using or understanding it I would recommend this to all the only thing is when you buy one get the cover for it to i have problems carrying mine when I am traveling

    Best Value and Bang for Buck

    I built my first computer in 1984- and have been a computer professional and I have evaluated hundreds of Computer related products and services. I am also an author, writer, sailor, traveller and avid reader. I published my first eBook recently (Google me) I needed to get an eReader in order to read my own book! (I hate reading on my computer) After evaluating eReaders, Tablet pcs, cellphones etc. I decided to wait until (as always) the technology improves and the prices halve and halve again. I read the GOBII reviews about the clunky interface and knew- like any gadget- you learn to work around it. Here is why I recommend it and give it five stars for value for money and bang for buck features. 1) COLOUR. I keep my photos on it. I can enjoy eBooks with colour photos. Few of the others are in colour. 2) SOUND. Amazing sound! (earphones) I can listen to music AND read at the same time. 3) MULTIFORMAT.I am not locked to one format. Gobii can read several eBook formats- especially .pdf- where the best books are available and without being locked by passwords. 4) MOVIES. I can watch movies. Great sound and colour. (check your movie formats) 5) BAC@#$&. I can read in the dark without disturbing anyone. 6) SIMPLE. It connects to my PC. Upload, download and housekeeping are simple. 7) LIGHT. About the size of a paperback, its it much lighter and I don’t need to dog-ear the pages. 8) UBUNTU & UNIX friendly. I connected it to various operating systems perfectly. 9) VALUE. Cheap at the price and Great value for money. 10) GREAT. Kalahari Service. I live on a yacht. It was delivered to me within 48 hours! 11) CHILD FRIENDLY. Simple, cheap and effective for multimedia and encouraging children to read the new generation of children’s eBooks that have sound colour and multimedia. DOWNSIDES. Navigation is clunky but acceptable. User interface is unintuitive but acceptable. Buttons are too small but acceptable. Connecting to my PC to charge for 6 hours is inconvenient but acceptable.

    Great for an e-reader

    I have both the white (older) as well as the black version of this reader. White one is way better with navigation as the buttons are bigger and easier to operate. The current black version is extremly frustrating to use on low light as the buttons are not easy to find. The older version had WMV video support. The current one does not. Most of my DVD's which I had on the PC for the kids now does not work on the new one. Windows being the most widely used OS out there you would think it should be able to play the WMV files. ANy change of fixing this with a Firmware upgrade? Current one is neat and tiny yet still have the same 7" screen like before. Nice for kids to watch movies on in the car. The internal speaker is pretty useless but it works good enough with earphones or those mini-speakers (like Shox)

    Under R1000!

    I'm a bit of a tech nut and this product is one of the best value for money deals that I have found in a long time. Yes, don't expect the speed from the other mainstream toys and the pc software is a bit buggy, but it can do exactly what any other e-reader can do. Well done!! A little tweaking on the pc software, but still awesome!!

    Brilliant multimedia device

    This is an excellent device if you love reading and travelling. The Kalahari app is good. The buttons is a bit akward but like a Blackberry keyboard you get use to it. BTW you can use the cable to charge your Blackberry. There are many free e books on the net. The Multimedia part of it like playing videos and music makes this device just brilliant. You can load many types of videos and the quality is high. Please buy the cover too. Small downside buttons is a bit strange and a touch screen version would be nice.

    Local is lekker!

    Ever since my brother showed off his new Amazon Kindle in November 2010 I have wanted an e-reader. But at nearly R2,000 (depending on the exchange rate) the Kindle isn’t exactly affordable to most South Africans. When I started looking for local alternatives I found there was none: all e-readers for sale in this country are imported and just as expensive as the Kindle. So I sat on my money a while longer and waited patiently, until a friend told me about the Gobii. The Gobii is a neat little gadget that can rank with the best out there. However, if you are looking for something as technologically advanced as the Kindle, then the Gobii is not for you. For one thing it has no internet connection capabilities, which means that if you want to import anything onto the Gobii you have to connect it to your PC. The Kindle is also superior as far as battery life is concerned. Unlike the Gobii the Kindle doesn’t have a bac@#$& (LCD) screen which is a huge battery sapper, but runs on e-ink technology. Therefore the Kindle can run without charging for 30 days where the Gobii can only manage about 10 (if reading only). It also lacks the Kindle’s dictionary function which is a bit of a letdown if you are on the run and in need one. But that is comparing apples to pomegranates. The Gobii does have a lot going for it. It is very lightweight which means you can read for hours on end. It also has a huge 4MB internal memory and a micro SD slot for additional storage up to 16GB. The rubbery outer coating prevents the reader from slipping from your hand which makes it ideal for kids. The G-sensor is another wonderful function that allows you to read books either vertically or horizontally simply by tilting the device. There are 5 zooming functions which is a big help to the elderly. You can read a book and listen to music simultaneously. The battery life might not be as good as the Kindle’s, but you can still get about 10 hours worth of reading time between charges. Not only can the Gobii play music and read ebooks, it also has a movie player and the display of the 7” TFT LCD screen is incredible, making it ideal for watching movies. Plus it keeps your kids busy during longish car trips as the battery can last up to 5 hours which leaves you to concentrate on the road. Equipped with earphones your kids can watch that silly purple dinosaur and listen to their annoying shout-your-throat-ho#*@% music all they want without disturbing you. Although the screen is bac@#$& you’ll have no trouble at all reading in direct sunlight due to anti-glare technology. It’s also great when reading at night without any additional lighting instruments. The brightness is also adjustable to different reading conditions. The most attractive feature of the Gobii is the price. At R899 it’s certainly more affordable than any of its competitors. Another big advantage to the Gobii is that it is sold by a local company which means local support. Imports on the other hand are notoriously troublesome. Packages get stolen either at the airport or the post office and state workers care as little about your fragile packages as the ground they walk on. Furthermore you have to pay expensive shipping rates as well as import and export taxes on each item you order. The Gobii, however, is delivered for free to your doorstep by a reliable private courier company – no stolen packages, damaged goods or extra taxes. Because you buy locally you pay in Rands, so you don’t have to deal with exchange rates which can be confusing. This also means you don’t have to find out what time zone the exporter is in or have to speak to someone with an English accent that is hard to decipher. Kalahari has reasonably long call centre hours and you will be helped by an operator that speaks your home language which is terrific. Returning items is also less of a hassle. You could wait several weeks for a replacement / repair and what very few people realize is that import and export taxes as well the two-way shipping of defective items are for your own account. So buying local is lekkerder. There are however a few problems too. The Gobii is only available in black. Most people like to have options, which you don’t have with the Gobii. It’s either black, black or, well, black. Black is also not the ideal colour for an e-reader, especially if the operational buttons are as small and undefined as the Gobii’s are. It makes the buttons hard to find and operate when reading in dim light. White or silver would have been a better choice. The buttons are very small and don’t always respond immediately, you have to press them several times quite hard before they respond. This is especially the case with the square directional button. The On/Off/Standby button is very sensitive. It easily turns itself on and off again when woken up from standby mode. After using the earphones it is hard to get the volume back to an audible level. It often requires turning the devices on an off s

    Buy the correct cover for your gobii

    There are 2 different gobii's, 1 white and the other black. Both has 7" screens but is different in actual size. Make sure you buy the right Leatherette cover for your gobii. So lets refer them to the white gobii and Black gobii. The title will give you a clear indication of which one you need to buy.

    Bought the Gobii, really happy with it, I can read my books, watch my movies while traveling or listen to music... really serves more than one purpose. Extremely happy with this purchase. Its awesome, while we driving my son can watch his movies on there without moving around and crying like he used to. try it you'l love it


    I am so disappointed. Navigation is a nightmare, buttons are unresponsive, keeps turning off randomly and losing my place. I never seem to get round to reading anything because I can find anything in the library explorer - it just hangs indefinately. Dont recomend this device at all

    Decent but not great

    Getting some screen flicker when reading black on white, the power button is in an odd place and switching it off accidentally happens more often than it should. It has trouble remembering the last page I read if I do something unexpected (like switching it off accidentally). The software seems a bit buggy as well, plugging it into a PC and not immediately specifying what you want to do makes it lose it's mind requiring a hard-reset. It's a bit slow too. The headphone jack sitting at the top is not great since the headphone cable sometimes falls in front of the screen which gets irritating after the 20th time. Reading on it is pleasant and I like the fact that I can read it in the dark, especially since it's now winter and getting out from under the covers to switch off the light is a chore I no longer have to dread. Reading white on black (a very nice feature) removes the flickering effect and is very easy on the eyes, helps with battery life as well. Sound quality is more decent than you can expect form an e-reader. The UI is set up quite simply and it's easy to learn all the tricks, of which it has a few nice ones. TL;DR : BAD :some software issues, power button in wrong place, screen flicker, bit sluggish. Good : back-lit, variable text/background colours, decent quality sound output, simple UI.

    Nice device

    I got my gobii at the bookfair - very nice device. Considering that you can listen to audio books and load music makes it great value (it also comes with free earphones). The screen has backlighting so I find reading at night is good. Not touch screen, but the buttons are easy to use.


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