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Add your item to the marketplace
How it works step 1Simply search for the product that you would like to sell and click on the 'Sell yours here' button. The system will prompt you to register as a new seller or sign in if you are an existing seller. You will then be taken through a short process to verify the product information and where you will be prompted to give us more information about your product's condition, price, shipping and quantity. Once you have confirmed all the details it will take approximately an hour before your product is available on the site to be purchased. If you have multiple items to sell, make use of our bulk uploader on the manage listings page. It allows you to upload up to 1000 products at a time.
Register as a seller
How it works step 2Registration is quick and painless. requires only the necessary information for you to transact as a seller, including seller display name and bank account information. New sellers will need to be verified prior to your products being available on site, this process can take up to 48hrs. During this period you will however be able to upload products and as soon as your profile is verified, your products will automatically be available on site. Please note that as part of the registration process, you will be charged a non-refundable R5 admin fee.
Someone buys your product
How it works step 3Someone buys your product Prior to purchasing, a buyer has the ability to ask a question regarding your product(s), will inform you when this occurs by email or SMS (if you have opted in to receive SMS communication). Responding to these questions promptly works in your favour as it increases your chance of making a sale. will notify you by email or SMS (if you have opted in) once a product has been purchased. The buyer, as part of the purchase cycle, will inform the system whether they would like their parcel to arrive via courier or to their local post office (via registered mail). The buyer will be charged for shipping (based on the costing from Speed Services for the courier option or from SAPO for registered mail). This shipping amount will be passed on to you at the time of payment. Please note that it is mandatory for a parcel to be sent with a tracking number.
You ship your product
How it works step 4Once an item has been purchased from you, you are required to ship the product to the buyer within 48 hrs. From the "manage orders" page you are able to view and print a cover page with all the relevant order information, including the buyer's postage/courier details. Please ensure that you package the parcel appropriately to prevent any damage that may occur during shipping. Once the parcel has been sent, return to the "manage orders" page and capture relevant tracking information. will then notify the buyer that the parcel has been shipped and send them the relevant tracking information.
You get paid
How it works step 5Once you have captured the tracking number, the funds for the purchase will be held in escrow for 2 weeks. When the buyer receives the product and notifies us that they are satisfied, you will receive payment (for the product and the shipping) into your designated bank account. You will notified by email or SMS (if you have opted in) once you have been paid. Please note that pays sellers once a week on a Wednesday morning.